Thursday, October 11, 2012

make the decision to just do it...

Every day someone in the world begins chasing their dreams.
Every day someone in the world realizes one of their lifetime dreams. 
Every day someone in the world begins to stop regretting and start living. 
Every day someone in the world lets go of the past and embraces the now. 
Every day someone wakes up with a smile of joy on their face and the wonder at being alive. 
Every day someone becomes the person they were meant to be… 
Because they made the decision to just do it.

Thank you for the reminder.  Came at the perfect time.

V. xo

Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th 2011

35 years ago today, this awesome person named Jason Courtney was born. He left us way too soon but will never be forgotten.

I cannot help but remember this amazing story Jay told me about when he was born…
It was in fact Friday the 13th and on the way home from the hospital his mother had a craving for McDonalds so they popped in for her fix. Afterwards, as they were belting up and gearing up to go the feeling of dread washed over his parents. They had left their new born baby in the fricking McDonalds! Like a flash they hurried back to retrieve their newborn! All was fine. Pure hilarity.

Jay was pretty amazing. He was my first love and I am so thankful for every moment we shared together. Every moment was a blessing.
My heart hurts at the fact that he is no longer with us and the fact that he was taken from us so soon. It is a pain in my heart that will never ever go away but one I have learned to live with.
I will always love and miss him. This is a fact of my life.

Please take a moment today and think of all those you love and thank them for every moment, for what they bring to your life, every single day.
And raise a cold one in honor of Jay. I know he would love it.

May Jay never ever be forgotten.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


The number above represents so much more then a new 5K personal best time.  It represents how hard work, listening to your body and listening to the coach pay off.  It represents if you let things go, there is room for better, brighter things AND It represents the beginning of an incredible 2012 running season.

The number above brought the following: some quiet tears, a few private and public squeals along with a couple private solo dance parties to no music.  It brought a day of fist pumps and amazing words of congratulations that left me with a smiling heart and a huge sense of pride.

Yesterday my 2012 running season began with a small race in the hammer to kick off St. Patty's day.  There was only a 5K that had us start on the top of the hammertown mountain and finish us at the Slainte pub.  There was an issue with the course leading as we all ended up running 5.53K.  I am not going to lie when I crossed the finish line after running said length I was pretty gutted and disappointed but once I was given all the info I began to realize how effing awesome I did.

I ran my little heart out.  My pace was 3:58/km, which had me finish the 5.53 with a time of 21:40 something.  My 5K time was adjusted to 19:44.  Not only is this a huge PB for me (over 2mins!)  I won my agegroup and was 4th woman overall.  This also is exactly where I want to be to attain my goals.  I am thrilled.  Actually I am more then thrilled, I am effing ecstatic.  Finally the hardwork is paying off and man does it feel good.

Let the running season begin. Signed, sealed and delivered. Bring on the PBs. 

V. xo

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Running Coach

Yesterday was an interesting day.  Interesting in a good way.  Maybe in the best possible way.  AND the best part about it was a message the coach posted on our Club Facebook page.  It caught me by surprise and left me with tears in my eyes and literally speechless.  I feel so loved and thankful for the beautiful people in my life.  Thank you coach for seeing the best in me and for always believing in me.

I heart The Runway and everything it has and continues to give me.

V. xo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

livin' in the summer lake sparkle

Well well well, we are 1 month and 8 days into 2012 and I gots to say so far so good.  I am really digging the 12 and as predicted she has far.
I have been doing my best to stick to all of the goals I set out for myself.  I am doing ok if I do say so myself.  Life is busy but there is always time for whats important.  my heart has never been more open...Jesse would argue this is because of my new weekly practice of yoga.  He has stated more then once:  An open heart is because of open hips.  Not going to lie, it seems to be true.

Running is going swimmingly, I have been feeling like my old self on the energy side of things and I am back into the whole quality over quantity.  Before christmas and after New York I was doing too much!  I was averaging 9 or so work outs a week, where quantity was definitely outweighing the quality levels.  I was not listening to my inner voice and I was pushing through when I actually needed some straight up rest.  I seem to be on a much better path...Actually worrying a lot less about all the little things and focussing more on the big picture and getting the mileage in.  Not every night is going to be a great work out but when I do have a GREAT, over the top, amazing one I make sure to bask in its glory.  My mileage is getting up there and until this week I have had really no pain.  As of Monday I have been feeling a twinge in my left achilles/lower calf.  Never experienced anything there before.  not stressing.  I made an appointment with K. Hood whom I know will fix me right up. Tuesday I wore my compression socks all day and rolled out my lefty any chance I got.  yep, my colleagues now officially think I am nuts.  During my long runs I notice my leg turn over to be quicker and overall less tired and stronger.  My long runs have been noticeably faster.  I have been running a lot more by feel instead of distance which seems to be working a lot better for me.  Why is the coach always right?  My goals are still in place and although I keep feeling the need to deviate the coach and Jess always seem to bring me back to my path.  Probably a good thing since my track record with deviating has not been so successful.  It usually has ended in an awful hurt or injury.  Must stick to the plan!

On the real life side of things I seem to be dealing with things with more thought and at the right time.  With the wise words from Shel, I try to see things from a different lense and learn from each situation.  There is value in everything we do.  There is no room for hate or drama in this life of mine.  We all have enough concerns.  I am loving people for who they are and what they are.  Thats it, thats all.  Sometimes its easier then other times. The universe has its plan and as Sam said so many years ago, it will protect me from the world.  I have always said this but for the first time I truly I comprehend it.  The last month or so I forgiven myself for the things I have harbored and carried for so long.  I am not perfect.  and sorry peeps, I never will be.  I am what and who I am, just trying to be the best Sarah Vingoe I can be.  I have tried so hard to relish in the moments more so then ever before.  I have added new little routines to my weekly life that have helped remind me of how sweet and how short life truly is.  We only get each moment once!  So simple but so easily forgotten.

You know in the dog days of summer, when its hottter then hot and you are sitting by the lake reading that silly book about teenage love and you take a peak at the lake over your shades and the sun is hitting it just so it sparkles like a real diamond should?...  And the mere sight of this sparkle makes your heart skip a beat?...  That is 2012 so far.  Yep the summer lake sparkle.  so much great has already happened and so much great to come! OH and so much great I don't even know about yet!  I really cannot wait...Every morning when I hop out of bed I look forward to the adventures, challenges and sparkles that await!  gonna keep reveling in the summer lake sparkle, my friends.

V. xo

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm a distance runner.

"I'm a distance runner. I've been trained to keep going even when it's hard. When it hurts. When it sucks. When I don't want to. I look past it. Relentless forward progress to the finish. Call it what you want; stubbornness, endurance, determination, guts. Deep down, I don't know how to give up. [And it's always worth in the end]." Author Unknown.

The above hits close to home.  I have been there when it sucks, when I don't want to and some how I have looked past it and come through.  Sometimes I am shocked at my own endurance and determination.
I think all distance runners can relate and have been there once or twice before.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Rest In Peace, Sarah Burke

I did  not know Sarah Burke, I actually do not know much about her except she was an exceptional canadian freestyler skier whom fought for her sport and won many a gold medals.  It looks and sounds to me she was my type of people.  Happy, excited, compassionate, loving, fun, hardworking, motivated and determined.  She was a friend to many I know.  When I heard the news of her accident, my heart dropped and I could not help but say a little prayer to the universe.  Yesterday Sarah Burke left us.  Today as I scroll through the home page of the 'book and I see the pictures being posted of her tweens, teens and the past, I cannot help but be brought to tears.  A huge loss to all those that knew her, to world of skiing and to the world as we know it.  It would seem to me she had the smile that would light up any room and an energy that could motivate anyone.  My heart and thoughts are with her family and friends at this difficult time.  Life is short, friends. Live every moment like you mean it.  Do what makes you happy and be with those whom make you happy.  Be true to you and to every moment because it will not last forever.
At my Saturday morning work out I will take a moment and reflect on a woman whom left us to soon.  Rest in peace, Sarah Burke.

V. xo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Running is not just an exercise, a routine, a workout, or a weight loss fad. Running is breaking down barriers I never knew existed. Running is pushing myself past my limits and breaking free of my old habits. Running is the blisters on my feet, the blood through my socks, the pain in my chest, the sweat from my face, the burning in my lungs. Running is my escape to my zone where you cannot reach me or touch me. Running is so much more to me than you can ever imagine."  Author unknown.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011