Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer...sigh... I miss thee

And already I miss the carefree days of summerlicious times.
But that's ok because you will be back before we know it.  In the mean time I be dreamin' of leisure divin', sunshiney saturdays and sweaty sunday runs.  see you next year, dear summer!

so its been awhile...

And I am sorry for that.  Somewhere out there the words got lost.  Maybe in my heart or maybe out there in the world.  But so lost I could hardly find them or even hear them.  Then tonight after returning home after a long 2 days something sparked my heart.  I read a post, don't laugh outloud, on facebook, that reminded me of those words, those truths.  That life is so sacred and so short.  That laughter and people can make everything better in the blink of an eye.   Alas enough with the deep thoughts by vings.  I must share.  I don't know the writer or person behind these thoughts nor do I need to but I know one thing and that is they are true.  Please read.  Afterwards take a step back and be reminded how simple it all truly is and take a moment to remember this life is yours and what you choose and friends, there is always so much more...

There is much more to life than what you can see before you at this moment; there’s much more than what you can store in your memory, and more to it than any dictionary can define or what google can spit at you. The world keeps spinning but you might feel as though you’re standing still. There is a dimension that you can't see, touch, or feel.

In that dimension your heart is your compass and sparks of electricity are flying all around you. North is not always pointing the same way, you communicate with signals that can't be seen, but instead, are felt. You live through energy shocks that run through your soul. You feel things, what humans call, happy, sad, angry and in love!

Some of us live in that world, embracing it and enjoying every pebble of shock that runs through our human bodies. These people are out there looking for it, hunting for it and crossing the lands to feel it. Just like the northern lights zipping through pitch black skies, the energy moves through our bodies, exciting our souls.

This energy is the beauty of life; it knows no beginning or end, it has no weight or value, it has no face or shape, but it lives within your heart! It moves in and out leaving you in love with rays of sun, wide-open skies and thin air. It keeps you humble and always smiling. It tucks you in at night and wakes you up in the morning. It snatches the words out of your mouth as you stand on top of a mountain; listening to the sound of a cool breeze zipping through the lush valley below.

This energy is what keeps me living, learning and loving. It keeps me gazing up at the rich blue skies of day and the brilliant starry skies at night...

Poetry and music are only a scratch on the surface, trying to make senesce of it. Pictures and paintings are only what humans believe to represent it, and I am only a person trying to live it!

There is much more…

Good night.  see you soon.  Pinky. 
V. xo