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We are hunted rocks you

Do you loves new music?  The vings does.  WE ARE HUNTED-The online music chart will rock you daily with 99 of the new up and coming artists and tracks.  Check it yos.
We are hunted listens to what peeps are saying about artists and their music on blogs, social networks like the 'book, Twitter and P2P networks.  It is the best place for music fans to discover new music.

The Tuner and all its glory-SWTM 2011.

yesterday I partook in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon for the first time ever--I ran the half as a tuner.  I was pleasantly surprised by the cool weather and no rain, some peeps complained about the wind but it did not seem to bother me, the amazingly supportive crowds, the inspiring elites--the canadians from guelph will represent us well at the olympics, all of those in the runway killing it with orange power and myself for running a bit slower then marathon race pace and enjoying every moment with no internal battle of feeling so good and trying to push it.  With New York looming, I kept on target and felt as though I could do the half again--which all in all was the plan.  I went out slower then I wanted but yesterdays time would bring me in at a 3:30 which at the end of the day I would be quite pleased with.  Had a great chat with the ole coach yesterday and considering everything this ole body of mine has endured--the weird ass injuries, the arthritis and cartilidge tears a 3:30 or under marathon would be an effing phenomenal finish.
yesterday really helped shake off my awful 36Ker and has got me in the most amazingly positive headspace.  New york is merely 20 sleeps away and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind I can do this and rock it.  I have the strength, endurance and mental capacity to get'er done with true grace, with my head held high and a smile plastered on my ole lips.  its gonna be magical, yos!

My HIGHS from yesterday:

  • Watching Reid Coolseat rock it with the kenyans.  I was so inspired it brought me to tears. 
  • Seeing Eric Gillis not far behind on his road to making the olympic team to rep Canada in London 2012.
  • Seeing the 100 year old dude from India with his entourage.  He was not moving all that fast but in my world he was rocking it.
  • wearing my new lululemon running tights that Lulu gave me to try out--THEY ROCKED.
  • Megs Cheese out on the course with a big bright orange sign that read GO VINGS.  It made me cry.
  • Seeing Toronto TRULY embrace a marathon.  It was spectacular.  
  • My new mantra:  POWER STRENGTH RHYTHM.
  • My new pre race dance party song-GIRL TALK-Oh No:
  • not listening to music and not even noticing!
  • My coach responding to a post on my facebook wall asking how I did, he wrote she did amazing. That in itself was one for the memory books.
  • The Runway crew CRUSHING Toronto and throwing orange power in everyones face.  Booya.  
  • My friend Barefoot Wisdom KILLING his first half--1:32.  Atta boy Jess!
My LOWS from Yesterday:
  • The baggage check retrieval.  It was disastrous and awful and almost ruined the experience but alas my bag was found so no comments or explanation necessary.  That is all.  I will not allow it to tarnish an awesome day.
Thanks to all those in my life who continue to inspire and motivate me but more importantly support me. I love to run so much and to push myself and you all help me get out there and do the best I can do.  Love you yos.

Watch out NYCM, here I come...Orange Pow Pow and all!  Booya.

V. xo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simple but truth...

Words the Vingnation lives by for sure...although it should say keep calm, go for a run and have a nice big glass of cold sauv awaiting your return...just sayin'.

Happy hump day!


I am obsessed...

with my new NIKE VAPOR FLASH jacket.
It is the total bomb, yos.  While out running in the dark you are completely visible to all cars.  Once light hits you...boom there you are.  Its warm, sleek, comfortable.  Oh and did I mention NIKE gave me one?  yep.  I am one proud owner and there is proof (see to above)...thats me jumping for joy in my new gear!
To find out more info and how to purchase go to NIKE VAPOR JACKET .

The Wall

So I finally hit it this past weekend.  Now I get it.  I finally understand what all the fuss is about.

On Sunday morning I rose, ate my regular breaky while streaming the Chicago marathon in bed, up north, at the frac.  Watching the marathon live had me more motivated then I had been in ages and I was ready to hit the road for a killer 36Ker.  My longest training run pre NY.

I have been feeling good.  My speed and hill work outs have been amazing.  Every week I see personal improvements via time and mental state while pushing myself hard.  My left quad has been a tad stiff but once warmed up I don't even notice it.  All my long runs til this point had been killer leaving me tired but invigorated.

So alas I wasn't worried Sunday.  Not worried one teensy tiny little bit.  I hit the road around 10:30am.  I was going out south portage road to Hwy 60 towards Huntsville and then back.  First few miles I realized I was in for a hilly ride.  The getaway sticks were cruisin' and I was at ease, hammering it out.  At 11.5 miles I slowed down and refueled at the Marina before turning around.  I felt thirsty, which I know is never a good sign.  I said my hellos to the marina peeps and set out back on my way.  At this point I realized something was not right.  I slowed shook my legs and kept trucking.  But still something was not right.  I could not focus, my head was all over the place-mentally and physically.  This is when it started to sink in...I could not run anymore.  I was done.  I hit the wall.  gulp.  My shoulders and neck tensed up and I felt so unlike myself I felt ill.  I stopped and burst into tears.  What the hell was going on??  I mean I was not hangover, I was well rested, I was well fueled and hydrated enough-or so I thought.  There was no explanation for this really.  I felt defeated and like a big ole disaster.  I picked up my iphone and dialed my dad.  He shot out from the cottage and grabbed me along the highway.

Once I stepped into my rents trucks and sat down, my head fell to my knees and I cried like I had not cried in sometime.  My dad gave me my moment.  Then spoke up and reminded me that I am only human and that a run like that is bound to happen once in awhile.  Its true and I get that but it was still so effing frustrating and kind of embarrassing.  I just don't do that, ya know.  I set out to do something and I do it.  I don't quit. Ever.    We stopped for Gatorade and then I cried some more.  I texted my coach whom in the nicest way possible told me to suck it up.  Words I needed to hear, especially from him.  His message ended with I am sorry but better now then in NY.  Gilly my RBFF (running Bff) told me not to sweat it, shake it off and tmos is a new day.  Also words I needed to hear.  So I did.  Or I have tried to.

I ended up going for a nice hard 10-15Ker last night--and it was a great one.  The kind that reminded me why I love to run.  Thank goodness the Running gods were on my side so it was easy to get back on the horse.  But this morning I woke up feeling a bit blah.  I could not put my finger on why exactly and then I realized upon my departure from the office this eve it was that damn run.  It pinched my spirit a little and stole a little bit of my positive energy-for a second.  Tmo is a new day and I am determined to wake up with Sundays run far far from my memory and left up north with the thanksgiving turkey carcass where it belongs.  But friends, I had to wallow in it a little, understand it, learn from it and walk away from it.  So this is what I shall do.  I don't really understand it but I did learn that I gots to keep taking care of this hard working body of mine.  I am going to be very concious of my food intake and make sure I am fueled up properly.  I hydrate like a mo fo but will continue to keep track of this too.  I also learned that I am not perfect and even sometimes the ole getaway sticks can have enough!  And i am thanking the running gods for getting this out of my system before New York.

So friends, another thing to check off the whole running list...I hit the wall and lived to tell about it.  Now its on to bigger and better...
With only 26 sleeps til New york and the SBWM half this weekend at marathon race pace, I need to get the ole head back into the game, shake it off and keep hammering it forward in true vingnation style.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

In this house

Nuit Blanche a la Nike

After the sun sets in Toronto on October 1, a different light will rise. The Vapor Flash Run Pack, 30 strong, will take to the streets.
This eve I will be participating in Nuit Blanche with Nike.  Check it out and look for me out in the streets ce soir.  Cannot wait! V.