Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Omy! What about July...

HIIIII JULY!!! I forgot to welcome in the month that is July...Oh my but why...Well I know why and though it is a very good excuse I will not bother you with such excuses. Instead I will tell you all about my July thus far. I am not going to lie, July has been a wee bit packed. Ving has been one busy bee this past month. On the first official long weekend of Summer in Canada, ironically I was living it up in Paris, France. As per my blog below, I spent one hell of a week in Paris. It was definitely a week I will never ever forget. After a week of parading around Paris I arrived home where I visited with friends, shared with them my many adventures, oh ya did some work! After 2 days being home on Canadian soil I un packed and then re packed my bag and headed north. I lived, laughed and loved on lake of bays for 7 glorious days at the frac and then cottaged hopped for the weekend. Then my friends, it was back to the dog days of summer city styles and in the office styles. But office life has not stopped the fun. Last week I was out every night. The preparation for the Booby Ball has begun and I am excited to say I am sitting on the executive committee. We had a meeting for that, I have met up with friends for drinks and fun and dins and laughs. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited up to a friend of a friends cottage on Georgian Bay. It was glorious. I almost decided not to go but am so glad I jumped on the go bandwagon at the last minute. We had lots of laughs and lots and lots of fun!
The preparation for the Testicle Festival has also begun so I had a meeting pertaining to that. And now well we are into our last 9 days of July where in which I have many celebrations to attend and fun happenings to attend to. As you are probably aware many of my friends are at the momentus birthday time-the big 3-0. So this week I have a 30th party to attend, I have friends to catch up with and I actually think I may stick around the city this weekend and truly enjoy the dog days of summer outside of the office and not up north. Might actually be nice...
So Omy What about July? Well good think I did not blink because I may have missed it...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coopers Camera in TIFF!

Guess What? A feature Buck worked on has been added to the TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL LINE UP!! Hells yeah!!
Check out the Press Release below:

Christmas comes early this year with film, Coopers’ Camera, added to
Toronto International Film Festival® line up
Coopers’ Camera stars famed “Daily Show” correspondents and husband-wife duo
Jason Jones and Samantha Bee

Toronto, July 15, 2008 – Canadian comedians and real-life husband and wife duo,
Jason Jones (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Ham and Cheese) and Samantha Bee
(The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Love Guru, Ham and Cheese), star as Gord and
Nancy Cooper in Coopers’ Camera—a holiday farce, directed by Warren P. Sonoda (Ham
and Cheese, 5ive Girls), set to keep audiences in stitches as part of the Toronto
International Film Festival® (TIFF) Canada First! programme this year. The
confirmation was made today in Toronto, with Jones in from New York for the official

Well-known for their Emmy award-winning correspondent work on The Daily Show
with Jon Stewart, Jones and Bee lead the hilarious cast of Coopers’ Camera, portraying
the befuddled parents of one the most dysfunctional families ever to be captured on film.
The film, written by Jason Jones and fellow cast-mate Mike Beaver (Phil the Alien,
Billable Hours, Ham and Cheese), also stars Peter Keleghan, Dylan Everett, Nick
McKinlay and Dave Foley.

Coopers’ Camera takes the audience back to December 25, 1985, before the time of
iPhones and the internet, when Gord Cooper gives his family a Christmas present that
was then, the state of the art in technology: a VHS video camera. The youngest son,
Teddy Cooper (Everett), uses this all-seeing eye to tape every painfully hilarious moment
the Cooper family goes through as Gord’s estranged brother Tim (Keleghan) visits for the
holidays after a seventeen-year absence.
“I think we captured something really universal with Coopers’ – I mean, who hasn’t had
a holiday from hell? It shows a seemingly normal family come spiraling apart and I’m
hoping we all can watch it and see a little dark, twisted, part of ourselves and laugh,” said
Coopers’ Camera Director Sonoda from the edit suite as he completes final post
production on the film.
Sonoda—labeled by Playback magazine as ‘one to watch’ and echoed by The National
Post’s Shinan Govani as a ‘Canadian talent to watch’—is one of the most anticipated up-
and-coming directors at this year’s Festival. Known for his prolific work in the music
industry, having directed over 100 music videos, as well as for his recent film work
including the cult comedy Ham and Cheese (2004), Sonoda has recently shot another
feature this year, a hockey comedy called Puck Hogs.

Fittingly, given the film’s subject matter, it was at a holiday party that Sonoda discussed
the script with producers Sean Buckley and Nicholas Tabarrok—their respective
companies, Buck Productions (Film, Hank and Mike; Documentary, The Road: The
Journey of Syd Vanderpool; TV shows, Rich Bride, Poor Bride and Keys to the VIP) and
Darius Films (Weirdsville, The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico) inevitably
partnered, along with Executive Producer John Kozman, to move production of the film
forward at an industry-record-setting pace to accommodate Jones and Bee’s winter
hiatus from the Daily Show. Production began in mid-February 2008 and was
completed over just 11 days, moving quickly into post-production to create a finished
product for consideration by TIFF this year.
“Coopers' Camera represents true independent filmmaking,” said Buckley, executive
producer/owner of Buck Productions. “All members of the team have pulled together to
accomplish something quite remarkable: a film that showcases tremendous
performances, and outstanding execution.”
As well as a triumph for the filmmakers, Coopers’ Camera represents a victory for the
upstart film distribution company Boutique Films, which is only a few months old, yet is
already featuring a film in TIFF. Tabarrok has partnered with Kozman to create the
company, and Coopers’ Camera is the first movie it will distribute in Canada, while
working to land sales in the United States and international markets.

All signs point to Coopers’ Camera being a real winner for all those involved, not the
least of which are TIFF audiences that will get to see the film first. After an on-set visit
during production earlier this year, Govani reported that this film was, “a modern spin
on Christmas Vacation – though it is set in the 80’s.” As hilarious disasters unfold for
Christmas at the Coopers, movie-goers will surely be laughing, while thankful it’s not
their own families this time.

About Coopers’ Camera
Coopers’ Camera is a hilarious comedy set in 1985 middle class suburbia, told through
the eyes of Teddy, the youngest Cooper son, via the family’s new Christmas present: a
second-hand VHS video camera. The film follows a dysfunctional family’s Christmas
descent into mayhem when an estranged and obnoxious brother shows up for the
Holiday. Visit www.cooperscamerathemovie.com

About Buck Productions
Buck Productions was founded in 1997 by Producer/Director Sean Buckley and has been
something of an insider’s secret ever since. The company has evolved into an innovative
and diverse production house, producing an array of film and television content in a
variety of genres.
Today, Buck is one of Toronto’s foremost production companies, small enough to
support independent producers and productions, but large enough to produce feature
length films, documentaries, episodic television, and a wide variety of commercials. To
learn more about Buck, please visit www.buckproductions.com.

About Darius Films
Darius Films is a leading film and production company with offices in Los Angeles and
Toronto. Founded by Nicholas Tabarrok in 1996, Darius Films has produced over a
dozen films which have played at some of the most prestigious film festivals and been
released in theatres, television and home video around the world. For more on Darius,
visit www.dariusfilms.com.

About Boutique Films
Boutique Films is a film distribution company with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.
Founded in Spring 2008 by John Kozman and Nicholas Tabarrok, Boutique Films works
on behalf of its producers in domestic and international markets. The company can
already count its first film feature, Coopers’ Camera, as a selection in the 2008 Toronto
International Film Festival ®.

Cannot wait!


Living, Loving and Laughing on LOB!

Ok...Again I apologize for not writing sooner. I have had a very *BUSY* 9 days OF lounging, living, laying around up north surrounded by the beauty of the beach and Lake of Bays and Muskokes. My family bought into a fractional cottage and it is truly heaven on earth. My days were spent on the beach, basking in the sunshine, accompanied by my book. Cocktails and yummy meals were enjoyed. Games of Euchre and Gin Rummy were played. Most importantly Family time was had and some serious RE bonding occurred. There was some downtime which I believe was necessary in this journey I am on. I have come back with the most glorious tan ;) but more importantly relaxed, feeling loved, and with a weird new strength and attitude.
After a week at the Frac., I did a little cottage hopping. I started out on Lake Muskoka at my Aunt and Uncles, then hit up a friends, then the next day was back up at LOB's at the Currer's. It was a super fun weekend and I ended my celebrated cottage vacay back in the city at Tortilla Flats with the Gallagher Sisters. We drank Margaritta's and ate tex mex dishes and took pleasure in those last hours of our weekend. As I sit here back to reality, I cannot help but wish I was still Living, Loving and Laughing with fam and or friends on Lake of Bays or in Muskokes...


Monday, July 14, 2008

You deserve happiness in every possible way!

My Horoscope today....

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

Don't let the unhappiness of others spoil your enjoyment of life. Be certain of one thing: You deserve to experience happiness in every possible way.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something to believe in


Je T'aime Paris et mes Amis!

So for days I have been trying to sit down and write about my trip to Paris in all of its glory. It was amazing! Vraiment Formidable! So much in fact I don't think my explanation through words will do it justice. However, I it is so important I share some its glory with you hence that is what you do on a blog!
For the first 5 days I was with the Knight Sisters-Liv and Di. It was a reunion which in fact was way long overdue. We missed no time in laughing and catching up and within hours I felt as though no time had been lost. Those two sisters have hearts of gold and so much love for me. I was truly fortunate and lucky that they allowed me to come along and bask in their sisterly fun and not to mention sleep in their bed. I owe them the biggest Thank you in the world. Together we gallavanted around Paris by foot. Taking it all in but laughing and photographing along the way. We hoofed it up thousands of stairs through Montmartre, saw the Basalique de Sacre Ceour in all of its glory. We sat on the grassy hill in front of the Basalique and enjoyed the view of Paris with use of plastic cups and a plastic knife, some delish wine, some heavenly baguette and some stinky cheese.
We cruised and perused Champs D'Elysee. We played touristo and took in the eiffel tour, L'Arm de Triomphe, Versaille while clicking photos a mile a minute along the way. One night we packed some vino and headed to the Park below the Eiffel tour to watch it sparkle. Another evening we took on the town at Barrio Latino...where Live and Di salsa'ed their little hearts out. We also maxed and relaxed at Cafes along our walks and peruses. Thinking of the cafes puts a smile on my face. I don't know what it is...The service is terrible, the menu at each one is exactly the same, Ok I know what it is...It is the fact that all of the chairs face outwards and you can people watch to your hearts content and not feel weird about it. That is what the Parisienne do. They sit drink vino, eat baguettes, smoke ciggies and people watch. I loved loved loved. Another thing I loved about Parisiennes is their style and taste. They dress understated but with such style and perfection. The women never look over the top but always beautious. It has changed my views of how you leave the house while living in the city.
After 5 days with Liv and Di, we said Aurevoir on the Metro as I headed on my way to get on a Train, to Fonty to meet up with Melly and Johnny. As I parted ways with the Knight Sisters, hot,heavy tears streamed my face. People have always said the French are rude-I tend to differ in opinion. As I sat their in tears, I looked to my right where an older couple sat and the womans eyes were in fact welling up as she stared at me. As I took my bag to depart the train the man of the couple rose and held the door and helped me get my luggage down. This touched my heart somewhere that had been temporarily closed for sometime.
After a short train ride I arrived in Fonty where Melly met me at the station in her and Johnny's humble little car which they call the Tank. She drove me back to their little coach house. The place was a stunner-their home and the huge home next to them on the property.
It was all very...French!!?? I loved. We caught up and then we gots back into the Tank and headed to Chablis for some lunch and a little wine tasting action. It was super fun. The town was adorable, the wine delectible with truly fun and amazing friends. That evening we headed to downtown fonty where we went to a pub to take in some Euro Cup. I met some of their friends and we had a great time.
The next morning Melly biked off to work while johnny and I got in the Tank and headed to my hotel in Paris. After getting settled John and I hopped on une bateaux mouches for a tour sur la seine. C'etait formidable! The sun, the tour by water...fantastique! After the tour Johnny and I hit up a cafe for a glass of wine or two. In Paris, they have a public Bicycle program, where the residents can purchase passes to ride these bikes. They are on every corner just about. Truly a remarkable and environmentally friendly way to get from point a to point b. For a city which costs so much, these bikes were dirt cheap. It was about 1 euro a day! Because John has a french bank card he was able to make it happen. So we hopped on some Velibs and bike acrossed the city, by the louv to meet up with Mel for dinner. It was awesome.
That evening we enjoyed an authentic french bistro meal at a bistro called the TAMBOUR. The tambour and its ownere were written about in the Lonely Planet Paris Guide so we had the kind gentleman sign my book and have a photo taken. It was funny.
After dins John and Mel walked me back to my hotel and we said goodbye. It was soooo wonderful seeing them and catching up with them.
The next day was all mine. I got on the Velib and biked to the Louv. That bike ride in particular was eye opening. It was the first time in a week or so that I smiled to myself and could feel my heart smile too. It was sunny. I was on a Velib in PARIS. I was truly happy and I was smiling inside and out. After arriving at the Louv I found out that it was closed on Tuesdays...I guess Mona Lisa and I were just not meant to meet YET...next time. So I grabbed a table at Cafe Marly and sat and took it all in. It was awesome. I had a lovely omelette and some delicious juice d'orange presse.
That afternoon I spent walking and thinking and thinking and walking. It was truly what I needed. For dinner I had Italian. Some wine and pizza...Delish.
As my cabbie took me to the airport, I realized the beauty of Paris and its ppl and somehow this beauty seems to rub off on those whom come for a visit. Paris made my heart and soul feel so beautiful. It was the most amazing trip with many small adventures. It was exactly what I needed. I loved Paris and it will always hold a special spot in my heart.


Friday, July 4, 2008

My Horoscope for Today...

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

You have coped well with certain challenging developments. Hard as it is to believe now, you will soon be glad things happened exactly as they did. It has all been in aid of the big picture, which looks promising.

If these are the things that get be through and keep me going...SO BE IT!!