Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Boobyball

I mentioned earlier that I enjoy getting involved and I touched breifly on the Boobyball! This year I was not as involved with the event but I still tried to help out where I could. The event was a smashing success and raised approximately $100,000.00 for Rethink Breast Cancer...Abs Amazing!
Ashleigh and Amanda(see picture above), co-founders of the Society chaired it up and did a killer job.
The Boobyball has really established itself and honed a ton of media coverage. This years theme was Glamified and took on a 80's Rock theme. There was everything from cotton candy machines, a Guns'N Roses Cover band to airbrush tatoos and rock themed cocktails. It all went down in Up Country Furniture show room. All in all an amazing night! Props go to all of those involved in making it a success! I am already looking forward to next year...
On a side note, while there, Sam and I had our photograph taken by the National Post and actually made it into the society pages (See the picture they used above).


laughter is the best medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine...and I am a believer! There have been so many moments where I have felt like the walls are closing in and then something happens or someone says something that sets me off. And when I say sets me off, I do not mean sets me off in a fit of rage but I mean sets me off into a fit of laughter and all is good. Nothing seems as bad and everything seems better. This laughter usually coincides with being with or surrounded by good people and good times. Sometimes I have so much fun that my heart hurts with joy. Moments such as these have happened many times with so many wonderous people whom I admire and love through and through. Their happiness definitely coincides with mine. It is a wonderful thing to have wonderful friends. I count my blessings daily. There is really nothing like being super silly with your best friends. Laughter is truly and undeniably the best medicine there is!

Friday, October 26, 2007


A few years ago I found myself being defined by my job. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love my place of employment but I felt like a one layered person. I know it sounds strange but I felt like I needed to become more multi layered which in my eyes makes me a better person. So I sat down and thought to myself how on earth can I do that? And then that is when it hit me...Become involved. So that summer I joined the boobyball committee. An event that raises money for Rethink Breast Cancer. Where I attended bi weekly meetings, helped get items donated for the silent auction, put in my two cents and via my company produced the looped video which played all night long. It was an amazing experience. It was exhausting but in the most positive way. This year I was not as involved with the boobyball but helped where I could. I attended the event which was amazing!! But I was busy with my own event..yes that is right! This year myself and five others put on the first annual Testicle Festival, which raised funds for testicular cancer through the Princess Margaret Hospital. We raised $20,000.00!!
It was a weekend event. We through a party on Saturday September 22nd and a golf tournament on the Sunday! It was fantastic. It was a lot of work but it was so much fun. Through the years since my thoughts of getting involved I have had the opportunity to be part of many different events and help in all sorts of ways. I love supporting my friends, I just love getting involved and best of all it makes me feel so good to give back!

Keys to the VIP-Season 2 Launch!

Last night I was invited to attend the second season launch of KEYS TO THE VIP! Buck Productions where I work is the producer of the show. So over 100 ppl gathered at Kai which is inside the club INSIDE. It was a great turn out with a great group of people. Lots of drinks were consumed and lots of laughs were had. The show is a reality show where two guys battle it out to see whom is the true playa. They are sent out into a club with challenges where they must try and pick up girls. It airs on COMEDY NETWORK, Thursday evenings at 10pm. The season premier last night was absolutely hilarious! I was laughing like crazy and the winner definitely deserved to win.

All in all a great night! Congrats to all the cast and crew!


Hello World!
I have been talking about starting a blog for sometime and I finally have done it! What fun!
I am very excited to enter the world of blogging. This seems to be a good time too because starting Monday I am embarking on my very first cleanse. I have also just begun training for a half marathon-I am 2 weeks into training. I am assuming that both will prove to be educational, personally uplifting and quite a journey.

Over the last few months I have found myself faced with so many wonderful moments and experiences that I think it will be great to be able to share all of them moving forward.

I am excited to blog away about all my experiences...
More excitement to come, Promise!