Monday, March 31, 2008

Rom Prom-Crystalized!

On Saturday evening, Sam and I headed to the YPC's annual fundraiser: The ROM Prom. This year's theme was "Crystalized" or silver. The bar was open, the DJ was awesome, the crowd was hopping and we went home with pictures from a real life photo booth and a special gift from Saworszki Crystal! Totally killer night...


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thanks Poplar Plains!

A requirement of our training for the half and full clinics has included some hill training. To be honest, the first night of hill training back in November/December, I was frightened. I feared what us humans first always fear..."What if I can't?..." and then there was the fear of the hill itself... "what if it is unrunnable?...".
Most Running Rooms in the downtown area use the same hill. The hill is located at Dupont and Davenport. The hill is lined with the most beautiful and delightful million dollar homes (give or take). The hill is POPLAR PLAINS.
My first evening out, I dreaded what was about to become a Wednesday night ritual. But once I got started, I began to realize it is not all that bad. Actually I was kind of enjoying running up Poplar Plains and then jogging back down. The first Wednesday we did 3 hills for the half. When I think back, "Piece of Cake!" comes to mind- because it was.
In the half clinic we got all the way up to 9 hills. At the conclusion of the nine, I still actually enjoyed them! (I know I am a bit weird.) Now by joining the Full clinic, the Wednesday night Hill ritual continues. We get all the way up to 10 hills. Bring them on!
Every week when I get to the bottom of Poplar Plains, I get a few little butterflies of excitement because I do in fact LOVE doing hills.
Last night we did 7 hills. They are putting down the floor in our house-as John Stanton would say. And they are making me a better, faster and stronger runner ...Thanks Poplar Plains!


PS Unfortunately, this picture does not really show you the extent of the Poplar Plains Hill. But it is in fact one hell of a hill! I promise...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pretty in Pink!

Ok so today I splurged-and I promise just a little-on my latest piece of technological heaven...Yep I bought and paid for the PINK (Yes, that is right...) Blackberry Pearl. It has distracted and abstracted me since I brought it home! It is pretty, it is pink and the novelty has not- and probably will not wear off for a few days!
Oh how I love my PINK Blackberry Pearl...


Canadian Film Fest a MUST

Are you of the belief that Canadian Film sucks? PLEASE let me prove you wrong. This week a small but awe-inspiring Film Festival is taking place in the T dot.

The Canadian Film Fest is a non-profit organization devoted to the celebration, promotion and advancement of Canadian filmmaking talent. By exclusively featuring Canadian films, their goal is to provide filmmakers with valuable showcasing and networking opportunities and to offer the public homegrown productions to view and enjoy.
The Canadian Film Fest is held annually in downtown Toronto theatre locations. The festival showcases short and feature films and also includes opening and closing galas, parties, panels and other meet-and-greet sessions.

What the CFF do in a "Canuckshell":
They provide a venue for Canadian filmmakers to showcase their films in a nationally recognized film festival and to inspire them to produce more films.
They provide an unbiased forum and excellent networking opportunities for Canadian filmmakers and others in the industry.
They elevate Canadian film as an art and as a viable commercial force by exposing the public to innovative films created outside of the "Hollywood" norm.
They have created an annual film festival event that the country can be proud of.

The CFF is presented by Schweppes and operates in partnership with Film Circuit of the Toronto International Film Festival Group.
Their sponsors are the following: BELL, LEO BURNETT, BUCK PRODUCTIONS, The Bell Video Store, Cineplex odeon, 70 Main Street Communication and Design, William F Whites, TORONTO.COM, Meridian Artistis,Delta Chelsea, Premier Insurance, IFC, IMarion, Grand Marnier, Steam Whistle, VideoScope, Eye Weekly and Playback.

Emily Pengelly whom is on the board of directors recommended the following four films:


Genre: Documentary
Duration: 46
Synopsis: In April 2006, the creators of the award-winning Canadian feature film SIDEKICK crossed Canada with the one and only print of their film, screening it for Canadians from Halifax to Vancouver. Besides chronicling the ups-and-downs of their coast-to-coast adventure, they also took to the streets to talk to everyday Canadians and film industry professionals about the current state of the Canadian English-language film industry.

Panel Discussion to Follow:
Moderated by Richard Crouse (co-host "Reel to Real")
Panelists: Brad Pelman (Maple), Peter Vamos (Playback)
Dan Lyon (Telefilm), Rob Cousins (Cineplex),
Anna Stratton (Triptych), Michael Sparaga (filmmaker)

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 90
Synopsis: This dark, raunchy, yet strangely touching comedy tells the story of two blue-collar Easter Bunnies. Hank smokes, swears and spends time with “ladies of the night.” Mike is a bundle of insecurities whose entire life is defined by his job. After they get downsized from their chosen profession, they reluctantly head to the unemployment office and end up with various odd jobs. Fighting debt, eviction and eventually each other, Hank and Mike come to realize that there is something far more important than their jobs… their friendship.


Genre: Documentary
Duration: 89
Synopsis: This gripping documentary examines criminal confessions resulting from an RCMP undercover sting strategy known as "Mr. Big". Filmmaker Tiffany Burns investigates RCMP actions after her brother Sebastian and his friend are convicted of murder. Their confessions are made to an undercover RCMP police officer who builds a relationship with the suspects while presenting himself as an organized crime gang member. Considered entrapment in the U.S. and England, Burns questions the ethics of using the "Mr. Big" sting technique.

Tiffany Burns and Dr. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter will be present for a Q&A after the film. His group, Innocence International has studied the case and is supporting Sebastian and Atif in their fight for justice and will field questions.

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 80
Synopsis: When Mark Tobias (Spencer Rice, KENNY VS SPENNY) gets arrested for masturbating in a video store, he tries to stay out of prison by making a documentary about his pornography addiction. But what starts out as a simple home video to appease the judge ends up taking Mark on an undercover adventure to the of heart the porn industry, where he comes face–to-face with his addiction, his favorite pornographer and a most unlikely porn star.

For more information go to the Canadian Film Fest Website

So get off the couch and go out and see some kick ass Canadian Film!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Thought...

Here is a happy uplifting shot to diminish my negative outlook!



Ok I made a promise when I started this blog that it would be sanctioned by only positive messages and posts. But today everything which seems to be swirling and whirling around me is screaming dark and negative. I am trying with every ounce of energy in my body to stay cool, calm and collected while trying with great verve to shine only positive. This is proving very difficult. I wish I could just vent and let it all out. Maybe stand up right now and scream my guts out as loud and as obnoxiously as I possibly could. Then perhaps tell those around me how I am feeling and perhaps either a. they are feeling the same way or b. they are perhaps the cause without intention. Either way maybe everyone around me might take notice of this negative environment and perhaps some communication might come out of it, which in turn may even lead to a positive outcome! I just don't know. What a dilemma. How fricking annoying.

Ok...that is it. That is all of the negative energy I will put forth. I have already broken a promise. I will not allow this negative fire to burn up anymore of your time or my day.

In no time at all I will be in my runners, hitting the pavement, mind clear or full of positive thoughts while the negative, dull and dirty day just floats up up and away.

Thank you for listening.


Friday, March 21, 2008


What does Easter mean to you? Easter means the following things to me:
New Clothes
Light Purple
Colored Eggs
Scavenger hunts
Bike Rides
Light Blue
The Easter Bunny
Easter Baskets
Candies and Gum drops

I hope this Easter weekend finds you surrounded by much Love and Laughter, a few chocolates and maybe even some new clothes!! ;)

V. xo
PS yep that is me dressed as the Easter Bunny...
While in High school I worked one day a weekend at Long Lane Orchards at Easter they chose one employee to be the Easter Bunny. That year they picked me! Quite the Honor...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Words to Live by...

"Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truely, Laugh Uncontrollably”
- annon.


Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day!

Well my friends today is the day when we all 1. wish we were Irish so pretend we are or 2. Are Irish and celebrate St. Patrick! We all dress in green, drink beer, eat unhealthy food and have some laughs. Everyone has great energy-perhaps it is the celtic music in the background or the amount of drinks-either way it is great because everyone is so friendly!
Yearly we usually celebrate St. Patty's down in E'ville and over the last few years we have done so with Lex and Casey. Unfortunately we did not make it to E'ville, instead we spent St. Patty's day with Lex & Casey in Greek town...ha ha an irish pub! It was perfect fun.
On that note here is an Irish blessing for you all:

May your day be touched
by a bit of Irish luck,
brightened by a song in your heart,
and warmed by the smiles
of the people you love.



PS Happy Birthday Shannie! -xo

Friday, March 14, 2008


While watching television last night a Lexus commercial came on which struck me and made me think. It was about the perfect moment. That moment which everything that surrounds you starts to move in slow motion, where all the sound buzzing mutes and you become one with yourself and the moment in which you are experiencing. It is these moments which you string together that make us truly happy and ultimately loveourselves and the lives we lead. When looking back I definitely do not remember specific dates or specific times, I remember those dear moments, where my heart hurt because it was swimming so intensely and swiftly in happiness. They can range from moments with those we love, moments in nature, moments of sheer delight or moments of pure fun.
I thought it only fitting to share with you just a few of my time blurring, sound muting, earth shattering moments.

Running-As you know one of my true passions is strapping on my runners and hitting the road for a run. While running I sometimes have my own personal moment. My heart becomes too full while everything surrounding me becomes a blur. The moment is so charged that I become close to tears. It is truly amazing.
Tanamakoon-I have more then one special moment from Tan. It is the type of place which strives on such moments. Because of how it offers you a special place to be your true, unconcealed self. The friends and environment allow you to be you. One moment always stands out. At the end of each month, we would have what we called Candlelight Service. At such service we would all float a candle on the water. In my minds eye this candle represented the individuality and sense of home that Tan gave me. Behind the floating candles, were several senior canoeist with torches on the bow and stern of their canoe. It was the most beautiful sight. I promised myself that I would never ever forget that moment or the way my heart felt at the exact moment. And in my darkest moments I would close my eyes and remember that beautiful moment to help remind me of all the beauty and love that does exist in the world. And you know my friends, I have done it, and it works.
Friends-There are certain friends and family in my life that fill my heart with so much joy that my heart will actually hurt. And these instances come at special times or in special moments.
“Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time...”
Key West-I have now been to Key West 3 times. There is the most unbelievable thing that happens once I arrive there-I feel so wonderfully happy inside and out. I know it is a mix of the friends and the place and when they amalgamate, moments are definitely created. I had one recently. I had the kind that Lexus describes in their add-when sound and motion fade and everything is calm and real and alive. The love in your heart spills over into the rest of your body and fills every ounce of you with joy. We were on a sunset cruise off of Key West, we were laughing, having fun. The sun was moments away from setting and that is when it happened. I could not stop myself from smiling.
"Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.”
Sam-Sam and I have been together for over 7 years. In those 7 years Sam has given me too many moments to even count on both hands. Even after all of this time together sometimes I feel like I fall in love with him all over again. He is the only individual I know whom can single handedly fill my heart with so much love, that it hurts. He has the ability to solely make everything become a blur and fade away. The moments we have shared together are my most happiest and I could string together only those, and be truly happy. I thank whomever or whatever brought us together. He makes life full of those wonderous moments that we live for.

I am so thankful for all of the moments I have to look back on. And I can only hope for and be lucky enough to continue to have a long life filled with the best and happiest moments to count my life by.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alli and Vingy's very own Tradition

Lovely Alli and I have started our very own tradition...
While in Key West, Alli and I came across the most fantastically cheesiferic WHITE jackets and decided to have them iron on KEY WEST FLA in neon-they are quite awesome!
And yes my friends, we purchased them. Now the deal with these jackets is we must wear them to every Buckley family function (excluding weddings and funerals). And when I say wear them at every family function-I mean just that. They do not need to be worn the entirety of the function but for a moment together where a photograph will mark that they were worn. Being white they work for every season and really every occasion.
Maddy's in E'ville.So here are our moments thus far which mark the beginning of such tradition...
The evening of the purchase

Pre hitting the slopes in E'ville

Mardi Gras at Maddy's


Mardi Gras in E'Ville!

This past weekend was Mardi Gras in E'ville! Did we ever have fun! Holimont is having a hard time keeping up with grooming with all of this snow we have been getting but it was still awesome!
We began the weekend with a 5 hour drive...the roads were brutal not to mention the traffic....Which brought us right to the Depot where we met Trav, Alli and Mrs. B. They had pitchers of Long Islands awaiting and we ordered up some hot wings right out of the frier. Perfect with a P! We hit the town that night and had way too many drinks and way too many laughs.
The following day we hit the slopes...Trav and Al along with Sweet Pete were dressed for the occasion... I would not have expected any less!
And we boarded/skied our hangovers away...
We apres skied then Sam and I knew exercise was is in order...SO off I went on a nice light 5 K and Sam did the same.
The rest of the weekend we rocked, we rolled, we rioted with laughter and we roared and even fit in another day of hitting the slopes...
Thanks to the entire crew whom was down for all of the fun! The beads have safely been stored away until Mardi Gras 09.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pretty Please with Sugar on Top!

Ok, I have a favor to ask of all of you whom read my Blog...Not really sure whom you are as I have kind of lost track of whom I have told about it!
But would you mind posting a comment and let me know your thoughts on my thoughts? I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you.
Pretty Please with Sugar on Top??? : )


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am obssesed with my two new purchases...The Nordic and The Scuba-both by none other then the magnificent Lululemon! Both are warm, well made and fit exceptionally...

Run Ving Run x an entire marathon in New Footwear!

An entire marathon is OFFICIALLY in my [near] future! Today I took the plunge and first: Got myself into the Full Marathon Clinic at the Running Room and Second: Registered for the ING OTTAWA MARATHON! So you know how I was running like a mad woman while training for the half? well, you ain't seen nothing yet...The running in my life may have just become my life! HA! I am excited, inspired, motivated and a little nervous! But you know what, I am up for the challenge! Bring it on! Cannot wait to achieve yet another goal on the old list!
While we are on the topic of Running-today I purchased a new pair of Running Shoes. I am of the belief that my shoes had met their mileage maximum and luckily the new 2008 model of the GT-2130® of the 2000 series, was avail...They are so beautious and hug my foot just right! And techonology wise, they offer the following:
Oh it makes me even more excited to get back out there and back at it!


Mara Mara Mara Thon!

Ok so I think I am going to take the plunge today and sign up for the OTTAWA MARATHON!
Hell yeah! I will keep you posted!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Not About the Bike

As you can probably tell, as of late I have been reading like a mad woman! It actually feels as though my life consists of work, running, reading, hanging with Sam and epsom baths! My latest read was Lance Armstrong's (with Sally Jenkins) It's Not About the Bike, My Journey Back to Life. It took me only the weekend to read through Armstrong's account of his life before and after cancer as an elite athlete. His narrative is genuine and unaffected. His story is motivational and inspiring.
In 1996, young cycling phenom Armstrong discovered he had testicular cancer. In 1999, he won the Tour de France. Now he's a grateful husband, a new fatherAand a memoirist: with pluck, humility and verve, this volume covers his early life, his rise through the endurance sport world and his medical difficulties. Cancer "was like being run off the road by a truck, and I've got the scars to prove it," Armstrong declares. Earlier scars, he explains, came from a stepfather he casts as unworthy; early rewards, from his hardworking mother and from the triathlons and national bike races Armstrong won as a Texas teen. "The real racing action was over in Europe": after covering that, Armstrong and Jenkins (Men Will Be Boys, with Pat Summit, etc.) ascend to the scarier challenges of diagnoses and surgeries. As he gets worse, then better, Armstrong describes the affections of his racing friends and of the professionals who cared for him. Armstrong is honest and delightful on his relationship to wife Kristin (Kik), and goes into surprising detail about the technology that let them have a child. The memoir concludes with Armstrong's French victory and the birth of their son. The book features a disarming and spotless prose style, one far above par for sports memoirs. Bicycle-racing fans will enjoy the troves of inside information and the accounts of competitions, but Armstrong has set his sights on a wider meaning and readership: "When I was sick I saw more beauty and triumph and truth in a single day than I ever did in a bike race."
I could not have read this book at a better time. While coming up to mile 6 in my half, I could not help but think of Lance Armstrong and everything he had to endure before winning the Tour de France. It definitely made me feel lighter on my feet and a new found strength from within.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Chilly Half Marathon 2008 is a Wrap!

Well my friends, my half marathon is a wrap! It is Complete! Finito! Done-ski!
And you know what? I kicked some ass! I had said to Sam that I wanted to accomplish two things in this race: 1.Run the half in under 1:45:00 and 2. Finish in the top 10 in my age group...Guess what? I accomplished both! I ran the half in 1:43:12 and I was 10th out of 126 in my age group. I am very pleased with the outcome and the hard work did pay off. Now for a short break and then it is back at the training but for the Full Marathon-in Ottawa, May 25th!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

There is nothing quite as Special as a friend of Summer Days....

There is nothing quite as special as a friend of summer days, learning from each other in so many different ways...We are growing towards tmo our past will keep us strong...The memories of Tanamakoon live on.

This is a verse from a song from my childhood summer home, Camp Tanamakoon. It is still alive and well up in Algonquin Park but it shall live *forevermore* in the deepest, most special part of my heart. It is truly a magical place which definitely holds a key to whom I am today. (Thanks Mom and Dad for packing me off and sending me off to Tan at the young age of 6! It is one of the best things you ever did for me!)

At Tan, I learned many skills-physical skills like canoeing, kyaking, archery, woodcraft-I could go on and on forever. I learned leadership skills, team player skills and many others. The most important thing I learned at Tan was the value and importance of a true friend. The friends I met at Tan are frankly the truest of true blue, life long friends. They are the type of friends whom love and support you no matter what. They are also the type of friends whom you do not need to speak to daily but you can go days, weeks, months...even years, and pick up right where you left off! These friends are magical. Beautiful inside and out.

I feel so blessed and soooo lucky to have had the oppurtunity to spend my summers at Tan and moreover I feel so fortunate to have made and kept the friends I did at this special place...

To all of my old beloved friends...I will love you always and will always have your back! Don't forget it...

V. xo