Sunday, March 11, 2012


The number above represents so much more then a new 5K personal best time.  It represents how hard work, listening to your body and listening to the coach pay off.  It represents if you let things go, there is room for better, brighter things AND It represents the beginning of an incredible 2012 running season.

The number above brought the following: some quiet tears, a few private and public squeals along with a couple private solo dance parties to no music.  It brought a day of fist pumps and amazing words of congratulations that left me with a smiling heart and a huge sense of pride.

Yesterday my 2012 running season began with a small race in the hammer to kick off St. Patty's day.  There was only a 5K that had us start on the top of the hammertown mountain and finish us at the Slainte pub.  There was an issue with the course leading as we all ended up running 5.53K.  I am not going to lie when I crossed the finish line after running said length I was pretty gutted and disappointed but once I was given all the info I began to realize how effing awesome I did.

I ran my little heart out.  My pace was 3:58/km, which had me finish the 5.53 with a time of 21:40 something.  My 5K time was adjusted to 19:44.  Not only is this a huge PB for me (over 2mins!)  I won my agegroup and was 4th woman overall.  This also is exactly where I want to be to attain my goals.  I am thrilled.  Actually I am more then thrilled, I am effing ecstatic.  Finally the hardwork is paying off and man does it feel good.

Let the running season begin. Signed, sealed and delivered. Bring on the PBs. 

V. xo