Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Embrace Life yo--It's the Vingnation New Year!

Well, today represents something difficult to swallow, something I do not want to even think about. So rather then putting it out of mind--or more like pretending to, I have decided to embrace it with every ounce of me and call it my very own new year! There are so many different cultures whom go by their own calender years--why can't I? Though I have embraced 09 as all mine, now it's time to take my little nation by the reigns and ride out fiercely with little forgiveness! With all the love in my heart and life in my soul, I have all of the power to do so. So starting now, starting today, January 27th is the Vingnation New Year! Your resolutions if celebrating my little nations new year must include at least one of the following-- Live well, Laugh routinely, Love often, Get Excited about even the little things, To Thine Own Self Be True, Take Responsibilities for ALL of your actions-the good,the bad and the ugly, Remember all of the good times but do not dwell, Live in the now, Love the one you are with--no matter whom they might be or where you are, No Preliving-looking too far ahead can be scary, treat all individuals the way you would like to be treated--Karma is a bitch and it will bite back, No regrets, and at the end of it all BE YOU! Never ever let anyone take You away from You! So today, raise that cup--I know you've got one on your desk and cheer HAPPY NEW VINGNATON YEAR-followed by a woot woot because--why not? Use this as your second shot at a first beginning to treat yourself the way you should and need to be treated. Go on friends, Embrace life yo! Its the Vingnation New Year and whys not?

V. xo

Friday, January 23, 2009

how sweet those simple things in life can truly be

I don't know what it is about my horoscope. It can completely change my perspective on how my day will roll out. It can change my outlook in an instant! Back in the summer, my mom called me at the office in the middle of the morning, she sounded alarmed. I said mom what is it? She said have you read your horoscope today? I thought no, why in god's name would I read my horoscope? she said get the star and read it. Then had to go abruptly. I did what any good-and smart for that matter-daughter does,listens to her momther, and I went to thestar.com and read it.
Now in the middle of winter, I could not tell you what it said or what it predicted but I can tell you it changed my outlook on the current situation I was in. From that day moving forward I have never looked back--I check it daily as soon as my computer is turned on and ready to go. At the beginning, I was in awe at what I read. How on earth could my life be so parallel to the prediction?
Some days my daily horo would actually take my breath away. On those occasions I had to share this earth shattering blurb. So I started sending them to my good friend Kiki. We would banter back and forth over email about how insane it all was. Then things unfolded as they did and I began sending a morning email to kiki with her horo and my horo. Sometimes we would comment but sometimes not. Then at some point Kitty became part of our daily ritual. At the beginning if the horo was not positive I would not send it but now I send it always because sometimes bad becomes good or it allows insight to why you feel things are just not going your way.
In harsh times, bright times, helluva good times, laughable times, downright painful times or any time at all my horo brings me a sort of peace. It gives me a reason to pull up my socks, throw that head high, apply that smile and sometimes it even gives me a little twinkle in my eye or even a hop in my step. It is wonderous to me how such a short blurb can truly effect me but more amazingly how sometimes it can just be so bloody dead on.
Today was one of those days in which I realized how much I love this daily ritual I have adopted. With that note I must share the loveliness that is all mine today:
Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)
You will soon have certainty where you once had doubt, strength where you once had weakness, clarity where you once had confusion and support where you once had criticism.
This daily morning ritual is one of those simple things that make each day that much easier to embrace and be empowered. Ah how sweet those simple things in life can truly be!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

09 is becoming all mine!

With my slogan at the tip of my tongue and life moving at lightening pace, I thought this quote so appropriate...

"There's something in the distance
A glorious existence
A simple celebration
A place you've never been before
Tell me that you wanna go"

Promise to be back soon!