Tuesday, September 23, 2008

V. is Baaaack!

There is nothing quite as special as the crisp air in your hair, feeling your cheeks go rosy and your warm but chilled legs in the fall air. The air at this time of year is so fresh and clean...That is right my friends V. is back out there hitting the pavement. Last night was my longest run since just about 4 months ago when I ran 42.2 K. Though last night was only a measly 6.5 K, still an accomplishment in my mind-actually a huge one. This summer has been an emotional obstacle course of ups, downs and in betweens. In times of instability I have ALWAYS turned to my runners and ipod for support and focus. This summer that was not an option with two hairline fractures on the right side of my pelvis. Though somehow I made it through, I cannot even begin to explain how thrilled I am to be back out there. Running is my true and undeniable passion. The first time I actually ran on the treadmill a month back I actually cried. Big wet, hot tears rolled down my cheeks. The feeling was like reuniting with an old friend or reliving the happiest moment in your life thus far. They were the tears of happiness and significance. As I stared in the mirror at my tear stained face and huge smile on my face I remembered why I loved to run so damn much. Not only am I good at it but it makes me feel so strong, so fierce, so indepandant and so confident. Emotions and Sentiments that are crucial to anyone and everyone.
I have signed myself up for the CIBC RUN FOR THE CURE on Sunday, October 5th. Though it may not be my fastest 5K to date, it is my first race back and for such a great cause!
V. is baaaack!! Cannot wait for that first 20K...I guarantee I will cry tears of joy at the finish!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Coopers Rocked the Festival!

So TIFF has come and gone and what a TIFF it was...
Buck/Darius/Boutiques little darling COOPERS CAMERA Rocked the Toronto International Film Festival. There were three public screenings which sold out in 3 hours flat. The film created a ton of buzz and was in fact hilarious. What an exciting time for all involved. Congrats to the cast, the crew and everyone in between!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Alright it's Aurevoir August! And its See you Summer...Ok ok ok...not see you summer quite yet. Since the last days of August real, live, sweltering, beautious summer has FINALLY arrived. Labour day weekend was filled with weather we have all been wishing for the entire summer. It was abs. splendid. Though it was my first long weekend in the city in some time...I enjoyed it at my own special piece of paradise. This piece of paradise is alive and well and only a hop a skip and a jump from my new apartment...actually it is only an elevator ride away...yes that is right my friends, my new apartment has a piece of paradise which is also known as the outdoor pool and delish loungers. It is quite resort like without the all inclusive bar-DAMN, I know! But still amazingly relaxing and so much fun (well you all know how I love my fun in the sun!). So my days were spent lounging, swimming, reading by this lovely piece of paradise right downtown. The novelty (like you cannot tell) has not worn off (and I am wondering if it ever will- to be honest!!)

August was an amazing month. So many laughs, so many fun times, so many memories...
The month started off with a bang up on LOB's celebrating lovely Lexer's 30th. We did it up right all in white. The weeks following I moved into a new place-which I adore. It in itself is its own piece of paradise. It is bright, happy and all mine. I spent many a moments this month setting up furniture, painting, drilling, hammering, peeling, washing, hanging hooks and things on the wall...and though I have never been that handy I am actually getting the hang of it. My place is not only all mine but the work I have put in is all mine too. It feels good, walking in the door each and everyday. Which is a really really great thing. I love my new hood too-which is a really really great thing too.
As we moved through the month there were some harder days but ya know what there was some OUTSTANDING days. And these outstanding days totally outweighed the harder days. August was filled with cottaging, bbq's, Fun times at the RCYC-some sailing, a party and some hanging, new AMAZING friends, Showers for friends, a new hair cut, new clothes, too many laughs to even name, tan lines, and milestones-my 30th Birthday being one of them. August 2008 was amazing. And with saying aurevoir August, we (though I do not want to admit it) have to say see ya to summer. This summer has been a different summer then I have had in a long time. It has been filled with so many amazing obstacles and things AND so many emotions. But at the end of the day I am so thankful for every single moment-the good and bad. It has been a journey up mountains and through valleys with the best people I could ever imagine holding my hand tightly and my heart with care. As CN said to me in the middle of June-This is and will be the Summer of Sarah-embrace it and that I have done to the best of my abilities. Though the summer of sarah would have never been possible without a few people, whom I will keep to myself, but they SO know who they are! Thank you friends, new and old.
Summer is most definitely my favorite season-is it because I went to camp? Maybe. Is it because my of my Birthday? Possibly. Is it because of the sunshine? Perhaps. Is it because people become more relaxed, let things go, and live more in the moment-I think so. On that note, I promise you I am already wishing and waiting for the first dog says of summer of 2009. Aurevoir AUGUST! And here we are seeing YOU in September!


I am a superhero on my threezero...

My 30th Birthday celebration was absolutely amazing thanks to 4 very special friends of mine. I cannot even find the words to express how much fun I had or how much I want to thank the most loveliest ladies. LOVE YOU TONS...
V. xo