Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Embrace Life yo--It's the Vingnation New Year!

Well, today represents something difficult to swallow, something I do not want to even think about. So rather then putting it out of mind--or more like pretending to, I have decided to embrace it with every ounce of me and call it my very own new year! There are so many different cultures whom go by their own calender years--why can't I? Though I have embraced 09 as all mine, now it's time to take my little nation by the reigns and ride out fiercely with little forgiveness! With all the love in my heart and life in my soul, I have all of the power to do so. So starting now, starting today, January 27th is the Vingnation New Year! Your resolutions if celebrating my little nations new year must include at least one of the following-- Live well, Laugh routinely, Love often, Get Excited about even the little things, To Thine Own Self Be True, Take Responsibilities for ALL of your actions-the good,the bad and the ugly, Remember all of the good times but do not dwell, Live in the now, Love the one you are with--no matter whom they might be or where you are, No Preliving-looking too far ahead can be scary, treat all individuals the way you would like to be treated--Karma is a bitch and it will bite back, No regrets, and at the end of it all BE YOU! Never ever let anyone take You away from You! So today, raise that cup--I know you've got one on your desk and cheer HAPPY NEW VINGNATON YEAR-followed by a woot woot because--why not? Use this as your second shot at a first beginning to treat yourself the way you should and need to be treated. Go on friends, Embrace life yo! Its the Vingnation New Year and whys not?

V. xo

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Christine said...

CHEERS! Happy Vingnation Day!
Those a ton of resolutions to uphold - the only way I know how to ensure I succeed...is to ensure I am surrounded with love, laughter and friendship. I am so thankful to have amazing friends...especially ones that have their own holidays!
Love you Vingy!
xo Kiki