Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing and Prancing my way outta May right into June!

Well well well... June is upon us and May has slipped by but definitely NOT unnoticed. What a month May turned out to be!
It started out with the move into a fab new place in which I am sound and settled. After which brought the Marathon--which I killed and most definitely owned. Boston is no longer a mere dream but reality. I will be making the trip April 2010 to run the oldest marathon in North America...That deserves the biggest of hellz ya! Quite the feat for my little VingNation. This was followed by a nice and relaxing stay-cation which consisted of dinners, drinks, laughs and fun with many a friends! And the end of May brought something unexpected-a big change. Change can be frightening but it is a true necessity. I have assumed a new role at a new company. It is exciting, scary and fun all rolled up into one! I had been at my last company for 5 and half years. It was so hard to say Goodbye but alas my next chapter awaits in all its glory.
The month of May was all about change and new beginnings. The pieces are falling into place and life is moving at a steady pace--just the way Vingies likes. 09 is most certainly all mine. I love when words become action. For all you Debbie downers and Nancy nay-sayers out there--BOOYA! In your face, Yos!
Now we are already into June...With summer on the horizon-though the weather has been less then satisfactory-the nice summery days we have enjoyed make my heart flutter with excitement with all that lays ahead. Last summer was the Summer of Sarah (coined by my little keeks) This summer is "Dance (picture me dancing on the spot, ok more like flailing) and Prance" (picture me prancing on the spot with confidence and sheer dedication). (named by Marky). Everyone needs to get'er goin and dance and prance it up! I have literally danced and pranced my way right out of May into June.
Already the lovely month that is June has brought some amazing moments. Brithdays, Stagettes, lots o' laughs and too many gts with new friends and old ones. I have set a new running goal--Scotia half with a goal time of 1:35 to qualify my little asskis for the NY half marathon in November. I say why not...I am on a roll-- cannot stop while you are ahead, right?
May you all be dancing and prancing right along side me...
V. xo

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