Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm a distance runner.

"I'm a distance runner. I've been trained to keep going even when it's hard. When it hurts. When it sucks. When I don't want to. I look past it. Relentless forward progress to the finish. Call it what you want; stubbornness, endurance, determination, guts. Deep down, I don't know how to give up. [And it's always worth in the end]." Author Unknown.

The above hits close to home.  I have been there when it sucks, when I don't want to and some how I have looked past it and come through.  Sometimes I am shocked at my own endurance and determination.
I think all distance runners can relate and have been there once or twice before.



Amy A said...

i wrote that quote last year :) the original picture i posted with it is on the bottom of this page :)

i hope if you're going through a tough spot right now, that you use that fortitude to push through it. the other side is always worth it :)

Amy A said...

here's the rest of the quote. get somewhere worthwhile :))

V. said...

wow! you wrote that quote? amazing! Thank you! I am in a pretty good spot but we all go through those tough times ;) V.