Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th 2011

35 years ago today, this awesome person named Jason Courtney was born. He left us way too soon but will never be forgotten.

I cannot help but remember this amazing story Jay told me about when he was born…
It was in fact Friday the 13th and on the way home from the hospital his mother had a craving for McDonalds so they popped in for her fix. Afterwards, as they were belting up and gearing up to go the feeling of dread washed over his parents. They had left their new born baby in the fricking McDonalds! Like a flash they hurried back to retrieve their newborn! All was fine. Pure hilarity.

Jay was pretty amazing. He was my first love and I am so thankful for every moment we shared together. Every moment was a blessing.
My heart hurts at the fact that he is no longer with us and the fact that he was taken from us so soon. It is a pain in my heart that will never ever go away but one I have learned to live with.
I will always love and miss him. This is a fact of my life.

Please take a moment today and think of all those you love and thank them for every moment, for what they bring to your life, every single day.
And raise a cold one in honor of Jay. I know he would love it.

May Jay never ever be forgotten.

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