Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, hello there November!?

Ok again I am slow on the welcoming of a new month. what are my excuses!!?? Well, its been a busy few weeks in more ways then one. October ended with a bang! The last 2 weeks of October caught me by surprise. There were Birthday parties filled with unexpected guests, there were wrap up parties filled with too many glasses of wine and too much fun, there were goodbyes, there was a stagerring stagette, there were new friends catching up and old ones getting reacquainted, there was fun, there were costume parties...all in all October ended quickly and promptly just as it has began. And now we are 10 days into November. Honestly where does the time go? I already love this month for so many reasons. I love it because my heart has smiled more then a handful of times--this year has not been easy on many and I have had the honor of watching and feel things turn around for so many of those around me. There has already been two engagements and one pregnancy. I am looking forward to so many more wonderfulness aswell. In two days time I will be boarding a plane bound for Costa Rica for an old and amazing friends wedding..I can hardly contain my excitement! There are things that must be celebrated and moments to be cherished. I am almost certain November will leave as fast as it arrived!

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