Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

Well well well my friends it has been a long time hasn't it? my apologies for leaving y'all high and dry for so long. But I am back with much to fill you in on. It has been just about 2 months already. Sorry for sucking.

As we quickly approach April, Spring is most definitely in the air! Yessss..I can hardly wait for warm sunny days, bare legs, open toed shoes, cocktails on patios, light sweaters while the winter jackets are retired for a few months and then some. Bring it! I can hardly wait...

The last 8 weeks have been full, my friends. February was a busy month filled with uplifting moments and unfalterring fun! Would you expect any less? Didn't think so! The end of February TESTICLE FESTIVAL 2: 80's Apres Ski went off without a hitch. Steamwhistle Brewery did not know what hit them! To read more about how boadacious the event was check out:
Through co-chairing TF2 I have come in contact with some seriously amazing people. I was able to renew friendships but also form new friendships! How lucky am I? I are so jelly.

February crept into March with almost no notice! It was insane. March has been slow moving but thank god for some magically sunny days.

Luckily both months have been filled with loads of laughs, Birthdays--actually tons of Birthdays!!, Dinners, Lunches & Brunches-- in/out with old and new friends, there has been some reconnecting, too much wine (when isn't there too much wine really?), Runs--long, short, fast and strong, Swims, Yoga for runners with Kiki, Work has been insanely busy, Stress/destressing, Great horos, there's been meeting, greeting and coffee doing....Life just seems to go at mach 10 and you all know thats the way vingy likes it!

As promised I have been making 09 allll mine! Moving, grooving and living as best as I can at all times.

As mentioned above I am running A LOT! I am officially registered for the Mississauga Mara on May 10th and I will be qualifying for Boston (fingys crossed!!). This coming weekend I am running in Hamilton in the 30K Around the Bay Race as a pre cursor race to Mississauga. I am hoping to "practice" my mara pace on Sunday. I will be running strong and as hard as such pace will allow. My love of running is renewed on a daily basis. It is so wonderful to be back out training again. Oh lord how I love to run! I am hoping to remain injury free--to keep so I am doing a lot of cross training and only running 3 solid runs a week! My cross training is pulling the rest of the weight.

I have begun contributing columns to an online magazine called I get to write like I blog which is amazing...Check'r out when you get a chance. It is an awesome website which is building a community of great people--mostly women obvi. There are some great contributors whom have some great things to say and share. I am honored and so flattered to be in their company! It is awesomely amazing!

The Bangers are still banging along! We are still up to our silly antics--they keep me sane and hell, young at heart! Bangers fo' life yo! Always... It is a very exciting time in Kiki's life right now. Her and the D-man are planning a wedding (I just got real live chills of excitement with the thought of it!) I love them both to death and beyond. As they go through the steps and cross things off their list(s), I become more and more excited--It looks like the D-man will have to be an honorary banger and I cannot speak for Kitty but that actually makes my heart smile! Kiki takes such good care of me. Thanks god for that! Do I ever love her--like a million and back!!-- and will she ever make the bestest of best moms!! wowza! and... Kitty is banging along and continuously teaching me new things, making me love myself more and more and I seem to love her more daily--is that even possible? She has this funny way of making me feel like it is all going to be a-ok. Oh thank god for the bang bangs...
Everyone in my life right now truly rocks the party. I have the greatest friends ever--they fill my heart SO full and make me smile hard and long.

I am so excited for Spring--in my mind it represents so much of new beginnings and fresh starts! I cannot wait for spring to be sprung and for all of the fun to be had! I also cannot wait to pull out my cute little running skirt and retire my running spandex pants and kick it up a notch with sleeveless dri fit shirts in pink tones!

I promise my next post won't be too long from sure to check me out on WOMAN.CA

Loves and Daffodils!

V. xo

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