Monday, November 9, 2009

All is good and even...and well full of fun!

Well hello there friends! how does this find all of you? Happy, healthy, hearts smiling I hope. Sorry I have been soooo mia. Time is flying--as per usual. I have had a tremendously full fall filled with so many bests and wonderous moments. I can hardly believe we are into the second week of November already. My mother called me on Friday evening to discuss Christmas plans?!! I was caught off guard thinking wasn't it only just T-gives!? Minutes are like seconds and hours like days. Time is being such a little sneaky pants. The last few weeks have been a ball full of fun! Things in my life are moving fast...but I am having the best time. I smile to myself on the regular and remind myself of the wonderments in my life constantly.

Banan and the Dale bird tied the knot and we all tied one on to celebrate. I met tons of new friends while laughing and loving the weekend away. It was wonderous but even more wonderous the love between these two newlyweds. I was honored to stand up for them.

I ran a 10K fun run and was actually the first female finisher...It was amazing! I was as shocked as you are now! As I approached the finish line I realized I had not seen any women for quite somewhile. They pulled out the ribbon as sprinted the line and took some funny pics. My prize was not only the new nikeplus sportband but a few months of bragging rights at least. I was on cloud nine for at least a week. Plus my excitement and love of running re-ignited.

I have met new friends and shared some great moments with some old ones. Life is exciting and I just cannot wait for what is around my next corner...

And well that is where I am at. All is good and even... and well full of fun! On that note I am off to the land of sleep.

Promise to write again soon...

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