Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Case for Hands Free Phones - A Response To "Extreme Fitness BMW Parking Failure" Video

Friends, I am sure you have all seen the EXTREME FITNESS PARKING video somewhere online, whether it be on a Facebook link, via someone's tweets, you tube...
Well today a response video was posted by Canadian Tire. The description is as follows:
This video post is based on the original 'Extreme Fitness BMW parking failure. Worst parking job ever' video. It is a reminder from Canadian Tire that while driving you must use hands free solutions because it is now the law. Come to Canadian Tire and pick up your Blue Tooth Hands free Solution today. For days that could use a hand. Or Two. For Days Like Today.
Check it out!

and perhaps we should all get our little buttskis over to Cdn tire and pick up one of thems bluetooth contraptions..who wants a $500 ticket while gabbin and drivin??....PAS MOI!!


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