Thursday, September 23, 2010

If this is not for you, then you are not for me.

It is weird how things go sometimes. It is strange how the world rattles along with us in tow. Moments passing so fast we cannot grasp or even realize what is happening. We can be so high on life but in an instant come crashing down from only a small but shameful blow, stubbing our heart and bruising our soul. Reminding us we are alive, so real and human. Confident in our own skin but yet instantly we are unable to recognize said skin. At such times all I can really do is find the rainbow and the lollypops...for friends, there has gots to be some. With the ego belittled and sore, a heart with a microscopic ache, I am reminded of the greatness that actually surrounds me, that being true is the key to success in every aspect. I also promise as always to never alter me for anyone or change my way of sunshine for one single soul. Staying true to what I stand for and everything in between. If this is not for you, then you are not for me.
V. xo

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