Saturday, September 18, 2010

Running Rocks my world.

As you all know running is a big part of my life. An integral part actually and today was one of those days where I was reminded of this. Sometimes my head reels and rolls around, thoughts protruding from my ears. Sometimes these thoughts are happy and sometimes they are confused and sometimes they are sad...but when out on the road, on the run, surrounded by the city, the trees, the world I am free and most importantly I am me. Simple, unknowing me. My thoughts fall with ease to the wayside, far from my heart and my hold. The runner in me reminds me I can do anything and be me. Whole hearted, real live me. I am confident, I am alive and sometimes I even forget I am actually running hard and a long amount of miles. It is the coolest feeling I have ever experienced. While out there, the wind in my hair, the sweat on my brow, my arms pumping and my legs rocking I could be 10 year old Vings or 60 year old Vings. Life is not so intense or complicated. I am alive, proving it and I am one with myself. It is a feeling I can hardly put into words or even rationalize but its so damn real and I feel so damn alive. I am so thankful for the simplicity of the run but even more so for what it does for me and my soul. My world is alive and free because of this elementary act. Tonight I am so damn thankful for this amazing unforgiving action. It rocks my world.

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