Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dearest New York marathon, We be going all the way.

Dear NYC Marathon,

I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know where I am at and where I am coming from...
I started training for you awhiles back.  It was a tumultuous time for me as I had just been diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip along with some cartilidge tearing.  My doctors and coach told me that there may be a chance I could not partake in you.  Hearing such words were heartbreaking.  I know lame when you think about it but hopes are hopes.  I was disillusioned and irritated but then a switch went off in my head and my internal sunshine took over.  I was going to do this.  I was going to run you--hells or high waters I was gunning for you.  I was making'er happen.  July 20th was D-day.  That was the day I was seeing my physiotherapist and I was going back to my sports doc to see where I was at, but more like where the ole hip was at.  My physio gave me the a-ok as long as my doc was on board.  I was confident I would hear the words I wanted to hear.  I stepped inside his office and he greeted me with the hug he always greets me with.  We chatted a little.  I explained how minimal the pain had been that I had been experiencing some calf pain but was training through it with the help of my compression socks and some physio treatment.  After some more chatting, he smiled and gave me the go ahead followed by--go kick some ass, Sarah.  I was beaming.  yet again I left his office with tears in my eyes...but this time the best possible kind.
I pushed hard this summer.  I had to do some long runs on the eliptical and do some training in the pool but as of August I was making all my long runs and if I hadn't slipped on a banana feel late Sept my left quad would have been just fine (don't even ask, a story for another time).
NYCM, I have been going that extra mile in anyway I can.  I have been doing one more push up just for you, holding plank for 30 more seconds because of you, eating and hydrating always with you on my mind, running that extra mile, that extra loop, that extra minute all for you.  I go to sleep thinking about you and I wake up conjuring you.  I ran a half marathon race all in your name and did not try to push too hard but did just as I was told--ALL FOR YOU.
On Thursday eve I am getting on a flight and I am coming for you.  I am ready to own you. I have three substantial goals for you and I am confident you and I are going to get along great on Sunday AM.  I have a lot of love you, dear NYCM.  You have made me realize even more about who I am and the determination I posses.  In away I feel as though we have been dating, you and I.  We have made it to all three bases and on Sunday, get ready for it, we are going all the way.
For six months, at perfect eye level on my bulletin board in front of my desk has read :
"3:23 NYC.  NOV 2011.  DO IT."
Before running Boston I was scared.  scared fucking shitless.  The thoughts racing through my head were can I actually do this?  am I actually ready for this?  NYCM, right now the thoughts running through my head are so very different they are more like hells ya I can do this.  I am not scared at all or frightened in the least.  I feel well prepared and fitter then I have ever felt.  I know anything can happen on race day but in my heart of hearts I know I have done everything in my power to be ready for you.  NYCM, pls have the wind at my back and carry me along with the best intentions.  work with me not against me and I promise you, it will all be worth your while in the end.  I look forward to our encounter on early Sunday morning...I promise to be my best self.  Thank you for all of you have given me thus far....Now, Lets do some racin'!  Catch you at the start line, new friend.

V. xo

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