Friday, December 30, 2011

Hasta la vista 2011!

Every time we get closer to a new year, I wish so much that I had sat down and written out my highs and lows for each month of the past year.  Perhaps this year is the year that I finally do!!  I think it would be so amazing to recount the good times and the times I have learned from.  2011 was yet another epic year with amazing accomplishments, amazing moments and amazing people.  There were some disappointments peppered in there but none with out some learning!  As I have said before, there are no rainbows without any rain, my friends.
When I look back on 2011 I think of the following...  Nosara,Costa Rica: where in someways I found my heart again and I learned to surf..finally!!, The New York Marathon: where I showed'em docs whom told me I may never be able to run a marathon again because of my hip..Boom., Jasper Bennett George: Ash and Matt's little rascal who joined us in October, Jen & Joel: Two of my oldest and goldest tyin' the knot, TAXI: where I love to work because of the culture and the peeps I get to work with and for appreciating my work and my attitude, The Weldrick and The Runway:  the coach of all coaches and my running family whom in some way or another make me smile every single day, New & Old friends:  for always loving and supporting me no matter my antics.  As my dad said to me the other day when I asked if he still loved me after I had been on the annoying side.  He sighed and said of course but sometimes you make it difficult.  haha.  My family:  for reminding me where I get my determination and positive outlook from.
2011 wasn't all sunshine and lollypops, I have watched people close to me hurt and struggle with all of their might.  I had a couple melt downs myself and a few upside down days but I need to give thanks to those moments for teaching me how strong I am and for reminding me that I am alive.  peaks and valleys, my friends.
As I sit and reminisce on the year that was I get a tear in my eye.  Thanks for the laughs and the loves and the golden come on 2012, Lets effing do this mutha effers!  Boom.
V. xo

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