Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Boobyball

I mentioned earlier that I enjoy getting involved and I touched breifly on the Boobyball! This year I was not as involved with the event but I still tried to help out where I could. The event was a smashing success and raised approximately $100,000.00 for Rethink Breast Cancer...Abs Amazing!
Ashleigh and Amanda(see picture above), co-founders of the Society chaired it up and did a killer job.
The Boobyball has really established itself and honed a ton of media coverage. This years theme was Glamified and took on a 80's Rock theme. There was everything from cotton candy machines, a Guns'N Roses Cover band to airbrush tatoos and rock themed cocktails. It all went down in Up Country Furniture show room. All in all an amazing night! Props go to all of those involved in making it a success! I am already looking forward to next year...
On a side note, while there, Sam and I had our photograph taken by the National Post and actually made it into the society pages (See the picture they used above).


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