Saturday, October 27, 2007

laughter is the best medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine...and I am a believer! There have been so many moments where I have felt like the walls are closing in and then something happens or someone says something that sets me off. And when I say sets me off, I do not mean sets me off in a fit of rage but I mean sets me off into a fit of laughter and all is good. Nothing seems as bad and everything seems better. This laughter usually coincides with being with or surrounded by good people and good times. Sometimes I have so much fun that my heart hurts with joy. Moments such as these have happened many times with so many wonderous people whom I admire and love through and through. Their happiness definitely coincides with mine. It is a wonderful thing to have wonderful friends. I count my blessings daily. There is really nothing like being super silly with your best friends. Laughter is truly and undeniably the best medicine there is!

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