Tuesday, August 5, 2008

aloha august!

Friends...August has arrived! and I cannot wait for the fun times ahead this month. I started August off with a Real Bang! For the August long weekend I celebrated one of my very best friends 30th Birthdays. We spent the weekend loving, laughing and living on Lake of Bays and on the eve of her Birthday we had a lovely evening of which was titled the white out! And white it was-white outfits, white decorations, white plates, white cups, white favors...it was sooo white AND sooo fun!

This month has a lot more to offer too...I am moving to a new 'hood which is exciting but also a little sad. I love being steps away from the coolness of Queen west not to mention a hop, skip and a jump from my office BUT a new place and new 'hood will do me some good. There is room for new adventures and exploring to be done. PLUS I get to ride my bike to work every day-how fun is that? I will get to spend much more time on Bloor and in the village that is Yorkville. Oh and did I mention my new place has an outdoor pool!!?? yep. how great will the rest of my summer be??!! ha ha ha. Well it will be great but not just because of the outdoor pool and tanning deck but because in two weeks this coming friday I will be turning 30. That is right-the big Three Zero. Some magnificent friends of mine are willing to make the plans and muster up some peeps to come and help me ring in this momentous birthday. Everything is still in the works however the plans will come together as they should!
I can hardly believe it is August already? Growing up August was always my favorite month-not only because it was the month of my birthday but because it was the month I spent at camp. BUT also...Because the days are hot but the evenings are nice and cool. The bugs are gone. The lake is warm. Summer is half way through so you need to pack in everything you did not fit in to July. As you know August is the month before September and I always have seen September as the second month of new beginnings. I guess because 20 years of my life so far I started school in September and that was a new beginning of sorts.
I am really looking forward to all August has to offer and to bring...
On that note here is the astroly thought of the day on the first of August plus my horoscope on that same day:
Thought for the Day: If there's something you want to protect, today's total solar eclipse will help. And if there's something wrong in your love life, you will feel the impetus to put it right.
Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)
So many people are depending on you. Others ought to be doing more, but that's all the more reason you need to behave in an exemplary fashion.

On that note...yay to August and all that is about to bring! And so long July-Thanks for the GT's! (wow July was truly quite the month, wouldn't you agree!!??)


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