Thursday, December 18, 2008

09 is all Mine

Every year for the last 2 years I have written out a long list of resolutions for the new year. This year I refuse to put that pressure on myself. Instead I am going to write out my wishes for myself and hope that with incredible drive of spirit I will accomplish these tasks.
What I want for myself is to keep true to myself and all of those wonderous individuals in my life. What I hope to become true with much training and hard work is to run Mississauga Marathon injury free and qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2010. I hope to be continously challenged in my daily life and surrounded by amazing individuals. I hope to never lose my enthusiasm for the small but exciting things. I hope to never lose my passion and emotion. Though privately I will make a list of the things I need to take control and care of but what is important is I am going to make 09 all mine! I am going to embrace it just like I embraced everything that came with the summer of 08--summer of sarah! 09 is all mine! You'll see...

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