Monday, March 30, 2009

30K Around the Bay--Conquered!

ATB has come and been conquered! I did not have a million dollar day by any stretch of the imagination but I had a strong race and an on target finish. After racing yesterday it made me realize how important goin' racing is an integral part of the training process. You put the bod under some pressure while trying to incorporate everything you have been undertaking in your practice long runs. I went out too fast, had a hard time consuming my electrolyte jelly beans and did not drink enough water. Now I have a month and a little to sort these minor details out. In all honesty the minor details executed perfectly will help make race day flawless. I am thankful yesterday was not my million dollar day thus I will be making May 10th all that yo!
I am more focussed and more excited then ever...Bring it Mississauga!
My results for yesterdays race:

Such results allowed me a silver finishers medal! ☺

A shout out is most definitely in order in regards to yesterday--I have to thank all of those whom came out to support me. Hamilton is by no means a close commute especially early on Sunday morn. I really appreciated the love and support along the route. It definitely kept me going! My bro and Katy were the BEST! They not only motivated me but all those in the pack I was running with! Katy's enthusiam and pure excitement definitely gots me going! If there were an award for best "cheerer" she would most definitely be standing on top of the podium receiving a gold medal! Loves goes out to my parents--they cracked me up every time I saw them on the course! And Kitty--Thanks for the hugz at the end!... LOVES to you all!

Ok I have exactly 41 sleeps til Mississauga...I know what I need to do. Time to start a war, yo! (one of my power sentences while running ATB... ☺)

Stay tuned for pics...To be up shortly!

FYI--It was just brought to my attention: that I was actually in the top 5% of women, the Top 10% in my category and I was in the Top 12% overall at ATB! Pretty effing cool, non??



JimR said...

I wuz running around blog reading comments regarding the race. Good finishing time. I assume you're doing's a good course, nice and fast. Keep up the training.

Ving said...

JimR--Thank you! I also write for out my piece on ATB:
Yep--Mississauga is the plan in hopes of qualifying for Boston 2010!

JimR said...

I qualified using Mississauga in '05, ran Boston in'06. It's a good qualifying course, just be patient during the downhill segment that follows the first 5k because you can toast your quads on it.

Good luck!