Friday, August 21, 2009


To live is to learn and to learn is to truly live. what a year that has been. So much gained through so much to digest and embrace. I am more free and alive then I have ever been. Sometimes it is scary to think how quickly ones life can go from up to down and vice versa. But these are the moments which remind us we're alive, that we're living. Thank goodness for that!
May the year ahead bring me more challenges and goals to attain and conquer. May my heart smile big and wide and my soul sing loud and strong. May laughter and love surround me and negative intentions melt to the way side. May I never ever settle or be content with anything in my life. May I live hard and fast but be present in every single moment and love the one I am with whomever and wherever we might be.
31 is going to be good. Its going to be great. I can feel it right down to the tips of my toes. 09 is still mine and well I am still working on my 31 slogan. I will come up with something don't you even fret.
Tmo is my birthday and I can hardly wait for not only my celebrations tonight but for all that is ahead.
Off I go to enjoy my most favorite day of the year...Happy Birthday to me!

Lots of love and sunshine, V. xo

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