Monday, August 17, 2009

PEI stole a piece of my little nations heart!

I am 155% exhausted. My whole body from inside to out is tired. But friends it is an excellent tired. A tired from the best most possible weekend. A weekend where two wonderous, gorgeous, peeps I adore tied the knot. M&J live far far away in Paris France and it is on the rare occasion that I get to spend some time with them. This weekend I was lucky enough to steal a moment from each of them. I shall treasure those moments always. I actually was lucky enough to make it across the pond for a vissy with them in France last summer. A real treat. These two amazing peeps not only tied the knot they did so in a very special place, that may have actually stolen a teeny tiny bit of the ole Ving Nation's heart. PEI. The Gentle isle made my soul whistle and my little heart sing. The peeps of PEI are gentle, kind, laid back and friendly as hell. The place is pure beauty which makes you feel light and relaxed. Sunday morning (ok ok late morning), with a very foggy head I made my way to the red sanded beach in the private community of Kepoche where M's cottage resides. I waded in and dove in. The Atlantic was luscious and luxurious. I splashed about and took every ounce of that moment in...My heart was smiling so big it was laughing. I climbed out of the ocean and lay on the beach for quite sometime. I wanted to not only take it all in but swallow it whole. I lay there going over so much in my head and allowed any stress that still remained to be washed off of me. The beauty of the ocean and all surrounding almost took my breath away but allowed me to fill up with so much happiness.
There were moments of this weekend that were hard. That cut deep. I will not go into the gory details because at the end of the day the weekend was so great, so wonderful, that I will not allow the instances that hurt to overshadow my reasons for being there.
But I will say one thing, sometimes time stands still. We all hustle and bustle through everyday-every week-every month where we are constantly having to change, grow, learn. There are stressful times but they always seem to be accompanied by the bestest of best times. Through such moments, I change, I grow, I fall down and then I always get right back up. This weekend I was reminded of how lucky I am that I can feel with not only the tips of my fingies but in the depths of my heart and my soul. I thrive from change but I always blossom when faced with challenge and I genuinely thank my lucky stars for that.
I shall always remember this past weekend. It was so wonderful to be in PEI and share in M&J's special day. If I close my eyes I can see the sun shining in the reception hall, with the Atlantic Ocean chasing its rays, while the gentle island stretches out and thieves a little ounce me. I can assure you, Pei & I shall be together at some point again.

Congrats M&J. Loves to you both...

V. xo

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