Friday, August 7, 2009

Please forgive--It tis the summa afterall!

This post, my friends is looooong overdue! PLEASE Excuse moi! I feel like I am becoming reacquainted with a long lost friend just entering my own site. Please forgive. Pretty pretty please. The last few months have been quite something. I mean it tis summer afterall--though the weather has not really cooperated with the time of year it is still summer which allows for my fave styles and styling. shorts, skirts, dresses, open toed shoes and well you get my point.
It has been a busy time. Weekends in the city by the pool, up north with the fam, and real live mos in the sun via bike or on roof. I made my way back to the frac where I did some living and loving on lake of bays. Gin-gynas and good ole fashion Vingoe Family fun.
I am 2 mos into my new job and I am truly and utterly loving it. The peeps rock and the culture rolls and I am busier then I have ever been. Long hours and challenging moments are putting me to the test--exactly what I have needed for quite sometime.
July was much more uneventful then I had hoped or even expected but ya know it was much needed. I am now gearing up for a busy ass August with weddings to look forward to and my most fave day of the year--my bday. yep that time of year again. I can't wait. tho this year it will be less hoopla it is still my day of birth so I will be up to something where fun and friends are involved. Friends of mine that now live in France will be married a week this Saturday and My very own keeks is 24 days away from her big day. My heart is smiling in anticipation.
Life is swimming along at an amazing pace. I cannot wait for the next few is guaranteed, laughter will most definitely abound and friends will be sharing in the mos right along with me. hoorah for summer! (sigh) oh how I love the days of good ole summa.
V. xo

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