Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its on

Well the training is on. I am rocking and rolling the runs and everything that comes along with them in prep of BOSTON. Although I am not actually in as of yet, I gots an insider doing his very best to do so. keep those fingies crossed my friends. They say if you believe it, you can achieve it--I know I know who brought the cheese cake? Anyway, my life outside of work has begun to revolve around my long runs, my tempo runs, some hills peppered with some weights, yoga and cross training activities. I love it. I love pushing myself and being back into this groove. It feels good. I am reminded every run day how much I truly love the sport of running. The pure exhilaration of it all. My longest run to date has been 22K and the conditions were far from ideal but I ran a negative split up and down hills with wind in my face. This coming weekend I am hitting the longest of long in my training...a whopping 36 clicks. wowza. I know once I hit that first 10 I will be off to the races. As long as I gots my gels, water and tunes in tow I know I will be good to go. So it is on, my friends. I am ready for the challenges ahead of me in the coming weeks. I am ready for the ice baths and the evenings spent with castor oil on my knees. Get ready BOSTON (fingies crossed very tightly), here I come! Bring it!


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