Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Break it down, baby and Ooze some Happy!

Oozing happy is my new mantra. When I wake up and start my day-I am neutral. So once things start happening I repeat in my mind-OOZE HAPPY. It helps me to smile, take things as they are and keep things in perspective while remembering to stay happy!

Such a mantra has been difficult the last little while. With this damn hip avulsion, no running, drama in every which direction and just life in general.
Oozing happy allows me to see things for what they really are and realize that the things we cannot control should not control us. To break it down: On a cloudy day there is no reason to be gloomy-it is out of our control. So make the best of it. Make your own sunshine.
With this darn avulsion and the marathon-all I can do is rest rest rest, listen to my doctors and therapists and think positively and visualize a positive outcome which predominantly includes running the Ottawa Marathon under 3 hours and 40 minutes. I cannot control the avulsion but I can definitely control my thoughts and optimism.
When dealing with drama in ones life all we can do is shrug it off and keep it in perspective while always remembering: 1.don't take it personally and 2. what goes around will certainly come around-I have seen it happen.

So next time life is holding you hostage-break it down, baby and ooze some happy!


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