Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It is time to taper...Taper is just what it sounds like-cutting back on the amount of running. It is the time when you rest up, recover and relax. My tapering time is different then all of the others in my group. My taper time is TOTAL relaxation with some R.I.C.E-(Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation)thrown into the mix because running is not an option right now. Many say once you hit Kilometre 35 in the Marathon it is no longer a fight with the body but a completely Mentally motivated game. So my friends I am practicing. I am practicing the art of staying positive through self doubt and discomfort. I am practicing trusting my body but more importantly my mind. I am perfecting and rehearsing my power statements. These words are: DO IT, YOU ARE FIERCE, YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU ROCK, BE FIERCE...I AM FIERCE!
Though this practicing is not lacing up my runners and hitting the road and managing these powerful statements through my mind. This practicing consists of lying on the couch or in the bath, with eyes shut saying these statements in mind and visualizing the road, the race and those around me in my head. Race day will be upon me before I know it and I need to mentally be prepared. I have put the hours of running in, eaten the proper foods, hydrated like a mother effer, worked the core and the arms...Though this avulsion has caused some uber rest time, I am taking it in stride and using it to my advantage. I am ready for the race. I am fierce! I can do this! BRING IT ON...
11 DAYS and counting down...


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