Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ohhhh Lord-too many GT's!

So my girls weekend in Daytona was absolutely fabulous! We had so much fun and way too many laughs. Some memories, in no particular order, include:
Ash's alive dead Dad; Awwwkward, and only the start to the theme of dead people weekend, Britney Spears, Hot people, TEAM PANTS, Lil miss news and her updates of shark attacks, dead surfers, weather etc., the convertible, Leftover scoochers, the tap water, a 29K bike/run, shopping, MAI THAI'S, Happy Hour, Mikey, Sopparo's, The Chart House, The Crawfish Festival, SUN, Ocean Deck for Lunch, the Beach, Kitty, Cindy and sooo much more!
It truly was the beginning of something-of many things-new friendships, new "terms", and best of all, at least one annual Girls weekend with ASH, ALLI, CAT & VINGS.

Thanks Ladies! Love ya!

V. xo

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