Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am an Avulsion

I am sorry it has been awhile. The last few weeks I have had a lot going on. Life side swiped me and well honestly I am trying hard to get back up.
It all started a week ago this past Tuesday evening. I went out to my marathon clinic as I have been doing for oh the last 3 months and ran my usual tuesday tempo run. I felt great. That evening I began to experience a twinge of pain in my right groin. Nothing horrendous or even serious. The next day it continued. I decided to see how I felt re that evening and fartlek. All day I teetered and tottered back and forth-should I run or should I rest? And at the end of that day I made the wrong decision. I laced up my runners got on my bike and biked my way over the running room. As we jogged up to Queen's Park the small twinge became outrageous. The pain was excrutiating. So I turned around and went back home. That evening I booked a massage. I took a 25 minute ice bath. Which did little. All I could think was shit how on earth will I run the Sporting Life 10K, the Mississauga half and most importantly the damn marathon which I have been training my little buttski for!!?? I became so consumed with stress I could not eat. I proceeded to throw up. Did I mention I was stressed?
The next morning I called Athlete's care (thanks to one of my coaches!!) and got in that very morning with a Doctor. He thought it was a groin pull but sent me for a bone scan to be safe. The scan indicated that I had an avulsion on my hip. [a·vul·sion (-vlshn) The forcible tearing away of a body part by trauma or surgery.] In normal terms-The tendon was pulling away from the bone.
So sporting life was out, mississauga half was out and now I am hoping, praying and wishing with every ounce of heart, soul and body that the Ottawa Marathon is not out.
I have been receiving chiro and acupuncture treatment. I have been cycling and water running. I am hoping I can jog tmo or Tuesday.
It is has been tough not being able to run but I am trying my darnedest to stay optimistic. All I want is to heal.
So my friends PLEASE cross your fingers and toes and say a little a prayer for me that I will heal up in a jiffy and make that race that has consumed my life for the last few months!
Here is hoping...


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