Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HAPPY 7th B-DAY BOOBYBALL...Let's Rally Around 7!!

To honour The Boobyball's 7th B-Day we are calling on all of our friends and supporters to take it a step further!!
Go to and see how you can help!!

Now that the Boobyball is a blur of excitement from the weekend passed, we’re calling on you and all of your friends to help us bring a little bit of luck and a whole lot of support to help in the fight against breast cancer.

And it’s as easy as 1,2,3...7 (wait, let us explain).

Seeing as it’s the 7th birthday of the Boobyball, we’ve conceived a simple plan.
We’re rallying around lucky number 7 to help bring some good fortune to women across Canada.

Just imagine if all the 850 people who attended this year's Boobyball donated seven dollars...and if each one of them got one friend to give seven dollars...that would be enough money to fund a critical breast cancer support program for an entire year.

And what if you approached your employer to match your $7, or better yet, the cumulative donation from all the friends of the Boobyball?

In recognition of our 7 years of fun and success, we’re asking you to forgo that Starbucks latte or scotch on the rocks for just one day and donate $7. Sound simple? It is.

Why not take it one step further and invite seven of your closest friends to join you on the mission to put a stop to breast cancer. Seven is a powerful number. Your $7 combined with another $7, combined with your best friend’s-sister’s-fiance’s $7 can quickly be used to help educate young women about breast cancer prevention and help pay for much needed screening equipment in remote areas that suffer from a lack of up-to-date technology.

For the next 7 days we will be driving this fight against breast cancer and pushing to reach a goal of raising over $7,777 for Rethink Breast Cancer’s unique programs. Each time you donate, you will be eligible to win one of 4 prizes valued at over $700 each!

Click and make this the easiest and most rewarding 7 dollars you’ve ever parted with...and thank you for your incredible support in our goal of making a difference in young breast cancer patients and survivors lives.

While we’ve come a long way and impacted countless lives thanks to all of your support but there’s still much to be done.


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