Thursday, October 23, 2008

October is here!--Better late then never, Right?

Seriously where is this year going??? Wow time certainly does fly. So here we are in October 08 already. And what a month September was. Very Busy and Very Fun.
There were dinners and drinks with old and new friends. There were weddings, traditional and non traditional. There were hang overs that were soooo worth it. There were parties to celebrate engagements and feature films. There was Tiff. There was the Boobyball and its 7th year. Another successful party with another committee of amazing individuals. There was REAL life, love, laughter and fun happening!! It truly does not get any better then that does it?
And yes welcoming October on the 23rd of the month seems a wee bit ridiculous doesn't it?
So why not cover the greatness I have endured this fine October thus far. There was FINALLY real running again, there were crazy nights, hilarious dinners, group dance parties and solo ones, there were very satisfying days, there were revelations on life and love, there were good times but a few bad, there were heartbreaking moments and goodbyes that left me in tears, there were happy tears of love and friendship. Life is happening and October is allowing me to take it all in. I sat back at the end of September thinking-TG for October as life can slow down well not the case. October has been insanely busy thus far. I have a week left of October 08 and I am looking forward to a stagette, some parties, some dinners with an old lost friend whom I have found, there is planning for events to come, there are wrap ups and bottles of wine to be drank, there are runs to lead, and definitely some more living to be done! I cannot wait to end this awesome month of October on an especially high note! So welcome October but Thank you October!

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