Sunday, December 20, 2009

in the merriment home stretch

Well here we are in the midst of merriment and the holidays that have left me tis the seasoned out and hollydazed. We are a mere days away from Christmas and my shopping is done. Drinks have been drank, dinners eaten and enough parties to last a lifetime with a few more to attend. My 30ish year old bod is one tired mess. But somehow I am still rocking and rolling. I have seen and caught up with so many friends while making new ones along the way. The fun just does not stop but does it ever?
As you are aware the holidays are tough. Always have been and always will be for so many different reasons for so many peeps I am certain. But friends, I am actually quite excited this year. I am pumped to get cozy in the 'wood with my rents. It shall be a quiet xmas eve at my rents this year with just me as my bro will be spending it with his gorgeous fiancer in the t dot. Like T-gives I always use to have such high expectations of how things should roll out however not anymore. I am just thankful to have everything I have and to be loved so thoroughly by all of those around me. I am one lucky gal to have such wonderous parents, an amazing bro and an even awesomer sister to be. and my chosen fam ain't so bad either. My friends make me warm and fuzzy and fill my heart so full. I give thanks daily for these wonderous peeps in my life. We are in the christmas home stretch with fun and laughs around each and every corner...Weeeee!

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