Monday, January 4, 2010

The Daily Love(s)

I have stumbled across the most amazing site: The Daily Love. Via email after subscribing you receive some "Daily Love"...If you know whats I mean. An email with inspirational and motivational quotes to remind you that today is yet another killer day ready for you to own it. It is awesome and I am obsessed. I have been sharing my fave quotes with all my friendsies via my fb stat. These wonderous thoughts resonate with me. Quite an awesome find and you know I always try and offer credit where credit is due however I cannot seem to remember where I found out about this site of awesomeness.
Anyway, check it out when you have a mo and get yourself subscribed. It is amaze. You will not be dissapointed.

One of the loves of today is the following:
"There is something inside you that has NEVER been expressed before. There is a unique style, a huge love, a wonderful creativity and something eternal within you! Don't ruin this precious gift by thinking you should be a carbon copy of someone else. Be you and you will have all the protection and happiness you can imagine!"

- Mastin Kipp

truth? mais OUI!

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