Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let your Heart be the Master of your Mind

Must pass on some loves from the daily loves..

"The only way to live the life you see in your dreams is to let your Heart be the Master of your Mind. This is scary because the Heart yearns for
no reason, the Heart is sensitive and has the capacity of feel such great bliss and such intense pain. But that is now our calling, we MUST go through it - you MUST let go of all the reasons you can't, all the things that you think will hurt and simply embrace life as real, as primal and as intense as it is when you let yourself feel. This is what is required of you to step into the magical land of dreams, success and most importantly happiness. Don't deny your Heart, don't turn away from the unknown, step courageously into your Fear, let yourself feel and have the strength to bare it all. This is living, this is being human - this is your calling."

- Mastin Kipp, is the Founder of The Daily Love.

Hope you have all had a brilliant Wednesday...Tmo is my fave day of the week! weeeeee! Loves Thursdays!

Sunshine & Gumdrops, V. xo

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