Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry for the lacks of loves

wow friends what a wild ride this week has been...sorry for the lacks of loves. I have been rocking, rolling, ducking, deeking but most of all learning and laughing the whole time. I am not sure I have been more challenged or inspired in quite some time. I am excited and truly running about like a house on fire! There is a lot going on all over the vingnation map but ya knows what I would not want it any other way and thats the truths through and through. I know I owe a proper explanation but my brain hurts and my little nation is numb from top to bottom. BUUUT I must share my horo from yester. Wait til ya gets a load of this...truly inspiring and uplifting...CHHHHECK IT:

Leo- Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Developments that are happening outside your sphere of influence are causing you some concern. In reality, though, nothing is really out of your control. There are actually some forces and factors that you definitely can and should alter. To manage this, you must look inside yourself and seek out debilitating thought patterns. Correct what’s inside and the outside will magically transform. With Mars in your sign, power is available to accomplish what recently seemed impossible.

aaaaand on that note I must hit the hay for some serious shut eye. night nights, friends. Catch ya soon...Pinky.

V. xo

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