Monday, January 4, 2010

I am finally getting that sister I always dreamed of!

A few weeks back while at a holiday party, I left my clutch to the side with phone inside and took off to meet and greet new friends. After a few hours I went back to check my ole BB and what to my wandering eyes did appear but 1 million and one messages from my immediate fam. I knew in my heart of hearts that either something really really great had happened or something...won't even go there. Anyway, called my mom first where she screeched with such excitement and enthusiasm, "have you spoken to your bro?" I answered calmly and coolly, "no why?" She went on, "WELL CALL HIM!" She may have even wooted at this point which made me realize something really really awesome had occurred and I needed to get myself in the loop. My mom is a chatty cathy so getting her off the phone can sometimes be a chore. Although I knew she was just so excited about something or other so my patience were of prominent calibre this eve. Finally I was able to get her off the horn and quickly dialed my bro...What to my wondering ears was the news??? Well that him and his AMAZINGLY AWESOME gf were engaged! yep. I was finally going to get that sister I had always dreamed up.
At age 5 I wished and wanted for a sibling whom would play dress up and hair cut whom was not a boy whom could not understand the fun of throwing on a pair of shoes 6 sizes too big with a heel. At age 12 I had wished and wanted a sister to share clothes, make up and silly secrets with. In High school, same as the latter and well ever since I always just wanted a sister to laugh, love, sing, dance... to just have, ya know. BUT let me stop right there this does not mean I love my bro any less. I mean he is in all actuality the bestest of best bros in the world. He never lets me down, always has my back and is probably the nicest person you have ever met. His patience is boundless and understanding is inexhaustible. He is truly the greatest and one of my besties but he is a boy, a brother, not really into playing dress up or the best to share secrets!? I could not be more thrilled to welcome his gf, KSTAR into our family. She is not only one of the nicest of nice (and they say like does not attract like-bah! what do they know), she is intelligent, funny, gracious, sympathetic, caring, lovely...oh man I could go on for hours. Words cannot even fully express how excited I am for her to be joining the real live vingnation. She is a doll in every sense of the word and she will be marrying a real and true gentleman. The date has been set and the planning and prep has begun...I get to be a bridesmaid!! weeee! So I hope to help with as much as possible. There is just so much love in my heart for these two. I just cannot wait for their wedding and everything in between. Congrats to two of my faves!
Loves loves loves...yay to my brother and my sister to be!
V. xo

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