Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today was one of those days that you just describe as Awesome. I spent the afternoon with Sam's sister, Sarah and her beautious daughter Neva Rose. It was a whole lot of Awesome. Really. I met her at an appointment, from where we went to the Eaton Centre, did a little shopping, did some walking and did a lot of talking. It was a day for us to catch up and have some laughs and, that my friends was what we did!
We took little Neva to Indigo where I read her my very favorite story, THE GIVING TREE. Then down to meet Santa. I think this might have been the Awesomest part of the day. Little Neva Rose meeting Santa Claus for the very first time. It was so wonderful to watch and photograph the momentous occasion of Neva's very first photo with Santa.
Truly an AWESOME day!
Thanks Sar and Nev...Loving you both...

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