Thursday, December 6, 2007

Feeding that Fire!

I am lucky enough to have a subscription to Wish Magazine...Thanks Mrs.B! It is a bi monthly Canadian mag with interesting tips on fashion and beauty, to food and decor. It is an easy read but quite informative. Last night I rec'd the January/February 2008 Edition. As I plowed through it, I came across an interesting article about getting healthy bursts of energy from choosing the right foods. This was so relevant to me and my lifestyle. Each day at around 3pm, I get a little sluggish and a little hungry. I have designated this time of the day, Snack Time! Most everyday I pack a lunch jam packed with a healthy meal and usually some fruit, rice cakes or a vega bar for Snack Time. Interestingly enough in the article titled, "Feed The Fire", It gave a run down on what foods to choose, how they will make you feel, why they work and when to eat them.
Here are a list of the 6 Energy Boosters and Why they are a good choice:

BLUEBERRIES: They will give you a short tem burst of energy but are low cal, easy to digest carbs that are jam packed with antioxidants.

CHOCOLATE MILK: (I had some strange feedback on this one around the office). It will give you instant, lasting energy. Because it is a liquid it will digest more quickly and the protein will help stabalize the refined carbs.

ENERGY BAR: These will give you a long steady blast of energy. The complex carbs and the omega 3s sustain energy and stabilize blood sugar.

QUINOA: This super food will give you energy that will last hours. It has the highest protein of any whole grain and is a great source of B Vitamins.

WELLNESS WATER: It will keep you refreshed and alert. These products will keep you hydrated which insures proper body function.

WHOLE GRAIN CRACKERS: These will provide short-term energy. The fibre in this product will slow down digestion and help stabilize blood sugar.

The article also discussed how to sustain energy all day long. These three points were the following:
1. Break down your daily calorie intake into 55% carbs, 25% fat and 20% protein.
2. Fuel Up Regularly.
3. Eat Protein.

After sharing it with everyone in my office today, I thought it only relevant to share this article with you! So next time when you are feeling a little sluggish or lacking that "umph" to keep going, grab the above!


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