Sunday, December 23, 2007


In just a few days time, I will be basking in the splendor of a wonderful spot, outside of Buffalo, NY, called Ellicottville. Eville is truly a gem. A special place that has stolen my heart.

Sam's family has a lovely spot there which we call the "TRALET". It is a trailer but once stepping foot inside you realize it is more like a chalet, hence we meet somewhere in the middle at "TRALET".

Eville is the type of town that once entering you feel any stress lift off of your shoulders-the long islands definitely help! You can wear what you like, laugh all you want and let your hair down. Days are filled with hitting the slopes, spending time with family and friends, a yummy lunch and some apres ski action. Evenings can be filled with anything from crazy games of horse race that end with Connor at Maddies, or a book or movie curled up in front of the fire. It is the type of place where you make your own experience. Since the first time I stepped foot in the place I realized I was in love. I love hitting the Holimont hills, seeing old faces and enjoying the outdoors. It is magical and dynamic. I am truly lucky to have had the opportunity to spend my last 6 winters there and can hardly wait to be there...

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