Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tis the Season...just in moderation!

Yes my friends, tis that season. Tis that season where you eat, drink, give and be merry. Tis that season of making a list and checking it twice.
Bright colorful lights, trees decorated from top to bottom and bows galore. We reunite with Family and catch up with old friends. Tis the season of....being broke, hung over, and being exhausted! By the third week of November my Weekends in December were jam packed with so many reasons to celebrate but they all come down to one thing... "tis the season".
And I am not going to lie, this season will be a hard one to juggle. Not because of any emotional turmoil or such but because of some new items on MY agenda. The first the half marathon. Yes the training for this race takes time and yes, a lot of energy. So I have had to turn things down or make sure that I have time to get out and do what I need to do. Perhaps you are reading this and thinking "ah life is too short" but ya know we only say such things about things that do not mean anything to us but never think what that action might mean to the person doing it. This has most definitely taught me a lesson. The Second thing has been my eating and drinking habits. The cleanse has altered my perception on food and how it effects my body and my health. The No No has changed many of my ideas and so many of my choices. Who would have ever thought!!?? Not I. There is a new thought process that goes into each meal or snack I eat in a day. It is quite wonderous. So my motivation to go out, drink, eat and be merry just isn't there like it was last year or in years past.
Though such items have become a part of my decision making process this season, I still have tried to make time to eat, drink, be merry and of course catch up with old friends and family, hence tis the season...just in moderation!


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