Friday, February 1, 2008

Bye Bye Jan...Bring on Feb!

Well my friends, as the first month of 2008 comes to a close...I am happily excited about month number 2! Bring on Feb! I usually find January so dreary and boring but Jan 2008 was pretty fun. Some highlights were: Fun in E'ville, our 7 year anniversary, Running like Mad-feeling stronger and more fit, Getting to know new friends, Fun with old friends, Great Books and all around fun times!
Now that we are in February 08-these are the things I have to look forward to: The Superbowl, First Annual Sun Up Ladies Day, Final month of training for the half, The Daytona 500, Key West, West Palm Beach, Seeing Travy, Fun in Eville, Fun with old and new friends....And probably so much more that I have not even planned!
And what better way to ring in Feb with a blast of snow....It is a blizzard out there! As it should be heading into February, in this country we live in!
Have a great weekend...


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