Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ready, Set....

Well my friends the training over the last 5 months is about to meet it's maker. That is right...In 4 sleeps is my Half Marathon race-The Chilly Half in Burlington, which I have been diligently training for. I have put in the training runs-long, short, steady and tempo. I have done the hills training, what they call laying down the second floor of the house. I have also done some fartlet, which they call putting the roof on the house. I am now in what they call "taper time". Just making sure my body remembers how to run (like it would forget at this point-I think I could actually run in my sleep-actually I know could! I have had many a dreams in which I am running and running but just cannot get anywhere...ha!) In all seriousness, I have run this race in my head. I have made my list of what I need to pack, bring etc. and I have checked it twice. I am Ready, I am set...LET'S DO IT!


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