Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I must start off by apologizing for my lack of correspondence. I assure you I have the best excuse. I have been away sunning, laughing and loving in Florida on vacay. It was 10 glorious days away! We begun our trip in Daytona. Surrounded by Race Fans, Sunshine, The Beach, The track and the races! It was energetic and exciting! Gets me fired up just thinking about it. We went to four NASCAR races. The Gatorade duel, the Truck Race, The Busch Race and finally-the best for last-The Daytona 500!
It was amazing in all of it's glory. We tailgated in true Race fan style. We enjoyed fried chicken, light beer in a can (ok I had a few coolers!), peanuts, pretzels and some even smoked some unfiltered cigarettes. At the races we yelled, cheered, continued to drink and eat surrounded by hundreds of thousands of other race fans. It was absolutely awesome. unbelievable. I had some high hopes for my drivers...They even had a chance but unfortunately a caution in the final laps messed that up! Ryan Newman raced in at #1 with my racers not too far behind. There is really nothing like the Daytona 500, my friends.
After Daytona, we all piled into the mini van and hit the road to Fort Meyers Florida where we would be catching a speed ferry to Key West the following morning. It was a long drive but we made it! Our hotel in Fort Meyers was lovely-too bad we only had the chance for a quick dip in the pool and a bite to eat at the restaurant. The next morning was an early one! We were all up and at'em and ready to go by 7:30am and at the ferry dock by 8am.
We arrived in Key West around 1pm...Let me tell you it was great to be back. I rushed off that boat and felt about 100 lbs fall from my shoulders. I was in immediate relaxation mode. There is just something about that place. We waited patiently for cabs and off we went to the Lighthouse Court.
While in Key West, we met up with some old friends: Ely, Kenna, Joe and Steph. It was amazing to see them all and share some laughs again. We began our stay with a sunset cruise organized with care by Ely and Kenna. It was a bit of a gong show with the bottomless pitchers that kept a pouring the Margarita's! We took some killer pictures and enjoyed too many laughs. The next morning we all awoke a bit tired and a tad foggy but jubilant to be where we were. I somehow got it together and hit the road for a 20K run. My final long run before my half marathon race! I ran around the entirety of the Key. With a bathroom and water break in tow. It was brilliant and I felt brilliant afterwards. That afternoon we chartered a boat to go deep sea fishing. We definitely did not catch dinner but we did catch a 200 lb Nurse shark!!?? That evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner at 9-1-5 (Joe's Restaurant). It was delightful but everyone was still feeling the effects of the night before. The following day we woke to a beautious, most perfect day. We took the morning to take in a little shopping om Duval. That afternoon we got on the killer, fast ass boat where Joe took us to this island that was created during Hurricane Wilma. Some of us swam- I was not too enthused about it after seeing a jelly fish!! We had cocktails, laughed some more (it is surprising that we do not all have 6 pack abs after all of the laughing we did while away!), then toured around the key via water. It was absolutely amazing! That evening we headed to the Randy Roberts Show at La-te-da (a drag show!)

The following day we got back in our cars and hit the road north to Miami then on to Stuart ending our day trip at Sailfish point for our final day of vacay.
Our last day we relaxed to the maxed. By the pool, By the beach, at the club. It was magnificently perfect!
Unfortunately our vacay had come to an end. We departed from West Palm Beach Airport and waved good bye to our sunny fun in the south and headed back to real life in the cold, wet city of Toronto.
We had such an amazing time. I could not have asked for more fun...On that note I will leave you with a line from our theme song: [Sung like a Broadway singer in tap shoes, with hat and cane, dancing backwards while belting out:] WHAT DO YOU SAY, TO TAKING CHANCES...
Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. B, Trav, Al-Bone and Sam for all of the fun and some wonderous memories!

V. xo

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