Friday, February 29, 2008

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Last Night I finished my latest book, THE FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB. Lately most books I read I have received some sort of reco or hear about it on the radio, in the office or on the television. But this was litteraly a blind pick. I was in the Tampa Airport, on a layover waiting for a flight to Buffalo. I walked into the dinky store which they called a book store and there it was. It was like it looked at me before I even had a chance to poke around. So with no avail, I took it to the counter and it became my latest read. It was thicker then most of the books I had read as of late, which I took as a positive. (I have been going through books like we go through the cases of water in our fridge-FAST!) My initial thoughts were oh this will be a nice, light getting back into the swing of things apres vacay read. And my friends it started out just so. But as I got to the end, I found myself weeping. Yes, I know, crazy, I actually stained the book with tears. I wanted to stop reading but I just could not put it down. The most annoying part of it is, I always read the last page of any book I read just so I know what I am in for, I know I know, Weird...Anyway, the last page of this book never gave any inclination of what I was in for! But I enjoyed it all the same. [While perusing the net to see what they had to say about this book, I noticed that a movie is in production for release in 2008 starring Julia Roberts.]
This is a run down of the story:
As a single mom in her late 30s, Georgia has her hands full juggling the demands of running the Walker & Daughter knitting store with the challenges of raising her spunky teen daughter, Dakota. Georgia's regular customers gather once a week to work on their latest projects and chat – and occasionally clash – about love, life, and everything else. The members of the Friday Night Knitting Club are as varied as the skeins of yarn in the shop's bins. There's Peri, a pre-law student turned handbag designer; Anita, a silver-haired uptown matron; Darwin, a somewhat aloof grad student; K.C., an out-of-work editor looking for inspiration, and Lucie, a petite television producer with a few surprises up her sleeve. But soon their quiet Friday nights are shaken up: James, Georgia's ex, wants to play a larger role in Dakota's life – and possibly Georgia's as well. Cat, a former high school friend, uneasily renews her bond with Georgia. And when the unthinkable happens, all of Georgia's customers are forced to realize they've created not just a knitting club, but a sisterhood.
One critic actually called it the Steel Magnolia's of the 21st Century set in a knitting shop ( I know I know that should have been the first hint that I would be weeping by the end...) Definitely worth a spin-you will find yourself thinking of your mom and conjure up the visions of true blue friends.


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