Friday, February 8, 2008

This Weekend...

I love the weekend. I love weekends in the city or weekends away. I love the feeling after work on Fridays and the Saturday morning wake up and feel! And for some particular reason, I am really looking forward to this weekend...I don't really have any huge plans or exciting dinners or parties to attend to. I am actually headed to Eville with Sam's Mom, Trav and Al-bone. Though our plans are loosey goosey-we have dinner plans tonight-the usual of course and skiing/boarding plans tmo! And I also have a few runs to fit in. I am excited for the wings and long islands tonight. And perhaps some cocktails at Maddy's. I am excited for a nice steady 6k run, some snowboarding at Holimont and maybe some apres ski action tomorrow. And I am getting pumped for the killer 18K that I am going to run on Sunday (positive thinking leads to positive outcomes, right?)
. And that my friends are the extent of my plans for this coming weekend. I also think that I hold excitement for this weekend because once the weekend has come and gone, there are only 2...that is right...2 more days until Florida. So perhaps the excitement for the weekend is actually lead up excitement...OR maybe I am just plain excited for everything! They do say I am easily exciteable!!?? well whatever the case maybe...TGIF and cannot wait for this weekend!!


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